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Tech Specs

As we continue to grow our population of truly distance learners (students who take less than nine hours on campus) we need to be very clear about the technical requirements necessary to complete our online course offerings. To the right is our Tech Spec document, which includes some commonly needed technical specifications (tech specs) and compatibility requirements to complete an online course at OSU.


If you have specific software, apps, or other media that require additional requirements or instructions it is important to share those details with your students. Providing as much information as possible during the first week of class can help prevent students from struggling through the entire course.


In conversations with other CAS faculty, I learned it may be beneficial to post a video regarding special software needed for a specific course on the departmental website. Students can then refer to the video and see if they meet the user requirements prior to enrolling in the course.


**The Tech Spec document is designed to address the technical specifications of Canvas, our new learning management system OSU adopted in fall 2019.**

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