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5 Things to do First

These are things that you should think about when you are creating a new CAS online course. 

1. Use CAS Online Syllabus Template

The CAS online syllabus template contains clearly defined headers to guide you through your course design. Ensure that you have listed expectations for response time, participation requirements, and course objectives. 


2. Create Easy Course Navigation 

Student retention can be directly influenced by the organization of a course. Direct pathways to assignments, release dates for content and clearly defined expectations and instructions all contribute to overall student satisfaction and retention. 


3. Embed Student Interactivity

Together, researchers and educators consistently advocate the importance of embedding instructor-student and student-student interactions into a course. Include these components into your course design to deepen student learning. 


4. Utilize Multiple Assessments 

Allow for the differences in learning styles and foster creativity among your students by incorporating alternatives to traditional exams, such as various assignments, quizzes, reflections, and research as means of assessing student learning. 


5. Integrate Videos into Content

The most common use of video is through direct instruction lecture videos. But you can use videos to provide weekly updates, share your bio, summarize key points from required readings, or to explain the details of an assignment. 

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