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Dani Putney - featured graduate student researcher



  • Graduate Program: English - Creative Writing, PhD 
  • Year: Third
  • Hometown: Sacramento, CA
  • As a creative writer in my early 20s, I had thought the MFA was the terminal degree; my MFA professors introduced me to the idea of a PhD in creative writing.
  • Because I love both creative and academic work, I decided to jump headlong into a PhD program at OSU and haven't looked back since.
  • It took me learning that it was possible to combine my interests to get me started on a research-centric path.

Research Impacts & Achievements

  • My research regarding Filipinx American poetics and Southeast Asian art history relates to individual identity and agency. The biggest impact of my work is that others can see themselves in what I do.
  • Individuals who share my marginalized identities deserve to both lead research initiatives and have their cultural contributions be researched.
  • I presented my paper at the Art History Graduate Symposium hosted by Florida State University. I received excellent feedback and my paper, "Sino-Filipino Artistic Collaboration: Agency via Ivory Sculpture Production in Seventeenth-Century Colonial Manila", has been published in the journal Anthanor.
  • I'm especially excited about this accomplishment because this art-historical research informs the creative work of my dissertation. I'm drawn to interdisciplinarity, so I'm thrilled to continue the work of breaking down disciplinary borders.  



  • The great thing about completing my PhD here at OSU is that I feel prepared for whichever route I take.
  • I am compelled by private-sector or non-profit work where I can use my skills to advance a number of causes.
  • I appreciate academia and could see myself becoming a professor at a smaller regional institution.
  • I'm keeping my options open!




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