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Response Time

Responding to Student Emails

Just as you would make time during class for student questions, set aside time during the week to answer student emails from your online course. Watch the video to understand the importance of a quick response to student emails.


Research in online education supports an instructor response time of 24-48 hours, with the ideal feedback and grade posting timeline of no later than 2 weeks after the assignment due date (White & Weight, 1999; Zhang, Hurst, & McLean, 2016).


Clear expectations of instructor response time will reduce frustration and the number of repeat emails (Waterhouse & Rogers, 2004).


A lack of response from an instructor can leave students feeling isolated (Appana, 2008; Carlson & Repman, 2000; Chang, 2009).


Responding to emails quickly and providing up to date grades with detailed feedback is critical part of student success in an online course (Wuensch et al., 2008).


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