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At Your Fingertips
The College of Arts and Sciences aims to put education within reach for students near and far by offering general education and CAS major-specific courses online, including entire degrees you can earn without ever stepping on campus. A flexible, quality education is just a click away.


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Online Undergraduate Programs

Computer Science

Online Degree


This degree is equivalent to our traditional, on-campus computer science program, with courses fashioned to help you develop skills in the design, implementation and testing of computer programs.

Computer Science


Online Degree


This degree is equivalent to our traditional, on-campus program with courses giving students an expansive understanding of the evolution of civilizations, peoples, countries, and institutions.


Multidisciplinary Studies

Online Degree


With a wide selection of online courses available, this degree is designed to be tailored to your specific interests and career goals. Opportunities are also available to take classes at the Stillwater and Tulsa campuses—whatever works for you! 

Multidisciplinary Studies


Online Degree


This degree offers training in understanding human behavior, developing interpersonal skills and learning to be a researcher and data analyst. Discover where an online psychology degree from OSU can take you.



Online Degree


Designed with flexibility, this degree offers students a strong foundation in sociological theory, as well as the opportunity for interdisciplinary exploration of society and social behavior. 


University Studies

Online Degree


Tailor your education to your specific objectives with a University Studies degree from OSU. This online bachelor’s is designed for self-motivated, goal-oriented, mature students seeking skill sets not offered through existing programs or majors. 

University Studies

Online Minor Programs

Computer Science

A Computer Science minor will help you develop skills in computer programming to design and build original software or edit existing software, and gain understanding of computer systems. You can choose additional courses based on what skills you want to acquire. For example, Discrete Mathematics and Data Structures will help you understand the logic and structure of programming. CS electives will help you explore various platforms to use your programming skills, such as Video Game Development, Mobile Apps Developments, or Artificial Intelligence.

Computer Science Minor


Our History courses give students an expansive understanding of the evolution of civilizations, peoples, countries and institutions. With courses covering all geographic spaces and time periods and particular specializations in U.S. and military history, the history minor is a great compliment to most degree plans. The history minor will help you develop proficiencies in communication and research and signals to prospective employers your critical thinking and cultural literacy skills.

History Minor


The Philosophy minor is a great compliment to any major. Philosophy courses help students develop skills sought after by employers and graduate and professional schools, such as: creative problem solving; critical reasoning; communicating clearly and effectively. Philosophy courses address a variety of interesting topics: Do we have a soul? Are we in the matrix? Do we have a moral obligation help others? What is morality? Is there a difference between a mind and a brain? How do we know we know something? Are birds real?

Philosophy Minor

Social Justice

A minor in Social Justice allows students to sociologically examine the relationship between cultural, historical, political, and economic factors and equity, inclusiveness, social injustice, and structural inequality. Students will learn to incorporate their knowledge of social issues into their major studies and future careers.

Social Justice Minor


A minor in Sociology at Oklahoma State University can be beneficial to students from a wide variety of majors. Fostering critical thinking about society and culture, students gain skills which enhance their understanding of society and social relationships. Sociology is particularly suited for students who intend to pursue a degree in fields which work with diverse or vulnerable populations. Popular pairings include Psychology, Education, Political Science, and Pre-Med/Pre-Health Sciences. The general Sociology minor introduces students to the discipline, as well as the theories which underpin sociological exploration. Students will learn to think critically about the relationship among humans, human behavior, social structure, and culture.

Sociology Minor

Online Graduate Programs

Applied Statistics, M.S.

Online Degree


This terminal degree (meaning it does not prepare you for doctoral studies) emphasizes the practical applications of statistical methodology while focusing less on the mathematical underpinnings of these techniques.

Applied Statistics

Online Course Listings 





Cowboy Concurrent

Getting ahead
Oklahoma State University now offers online concurrent courses to high school students through Cowboy Concurrent Online. Get a jump-start on your college education and earn general education credits at a reduced cost. 

Professional Development Online

Improve Your Professional Acumen
No matter where you are in your career, there’s always more to learn. OSU’s College of Arts and Sciences Outreach offers professional development courses and conferences to anyone seeking to better themselves and their careers. 

Student Resources

Canvas Community

CAS students are auto-enrolled into an online space called Canvas Community, where they receive news, resources, academic announcements, and collaborate with other online students.

Tips for Taking an Online Course

Learn 10 simple strategies for success in online courses, as well as guidelines for online interactions and resources for students completing fully online degrees.

Canvas Tutorials

Online courses at OSU are offered through Canvas, a student-centered learning management system. Get common questions answered and find out how to access the 24/7 student assistance through Canvas support.

Online Proctoring

Your instructor may require your exams to be proctored. Click here to learn more about proctored exams.

Online Tuition and Fees

Discover what costs are associated with online courses and programs and estimate online tuition and fees.

Military and GEM

CAS provides the majority of GEM (General Education Mobile) online course offerings. Discover why this benefits Air Force personnel and how to get fee waivers for active duty military or honorably discharged military veterans.

Pokes PodCAS

Online students can stay updated with the latest news in CAS through our free podcast. Discover advice for completing online courses and highlights of the research from our CAS students and faculty.

Tutoring and Counseling

Online students at OSU have access to the same tutoring and counseling resources as our on-campus students. OSU has free writing tutoring through the Writing Center, free math tutoring through the MLSC, and free tutoring in many other academic disciplines through the LASSO Center.

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