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Risk Assessment, RBCA & Vapor Intrusion Course 


Risk Workshop Training

EDGE Engineering and Science, in collaboration with The Oklahoma Ground Water Association, is presenting a Risk-Based Corrective Action (RBCA) training at the Noble Research Center at Oklahoma State University this January.

This intermediate- to advanced-level comprehensive 16-hour applied course presents an in-depth discussion of the application of risk assessment (RA) and risk-based corrective action (RBCA) for the management of contaminated sites with special emphasis on groundwater protection and indoor vapor intrusion pathway (VIP). Several state and federal programs have developed guidance documents and tools to implement RA. However, there is wide variability in the application, understanding of, and acceptance of this tool. This course will help you understand the reasons for this variability.  

This training program presents an in-depth understanding of the fundamental concepts, regulatory framework, quantitative evaluation of the RA process, and indoor VIP. It also presents the assumptions and limitations of the process and its application to a variety of sites. Successful completion of the course will result in better understanding and application of RA and VIP for the management of contaminated sites in all states and jurisdictions. 



The course may qualify for up to 16 PDHs/CEUs. Please confirm with your state licensing board or call us for assistance. 



The course will benefit industry and consulting professionals and regulators who perform site investigations, oversee, or review health RAs and establish & negotiate multimedia cleanup levels. 




Senior Consulting Professional 


Atul M. Salhotra, PhD, is a recognized expert in the cost-effective management of contaminated sites including UST, RCRA, CERCLA and VCP sites. With more than 30 years of consulting experience, he has worked on hundreds of projects across the globe. 


Dr. Salhotra is the lead author, project manager, and developer of Risk-Based Corrective Action (RBCA) programs for 15 states, the U.S. Air Force in Europe, and Israel. As one of the original American Society for Testing and Materials approved trainers for RBCA, he has conducted training courses throughout the U.S. and abroad. 


He is well-versed in the site-specific application of risk assessment, evaluation of indoor vapor intrusion, natural attenuation, and fate and transport modeling for the cost-effective management of sites. 


Additionally, he has provided litigation support on numerous high-profile cases and performed third-party reviews of consulting reports, as well as help manage liabilities due to contaminated sites. 


Connect with Dr. Salhotra for more information, email 


Learning Objectives and Benefits 

  • Develop risk-based work plans to collect the right quality and quantity of data 
  • Perform RA and state specific RBCA evaluations 
  • Explain and negotiate the results of RA 
  • Understand the inherent variability and uncertainty in the results of a RA 
  • Understand the need for Activity and Land Use Limitations to manage contaminated sites 

Course Highlights

  • Fundamentals of toxicity 
  • Fundamentals of RA 
  • Technical basis & objective of RA 
  • Development of site conceptual exposure model (SCEM) 
  • Estimation of risk for various tiers (Forward mode) 
  • Development of risk-based target levels for various tiers (Backward mode) 
  • Data required to implement RA process 
  • Evaluation of the indoor vapor intrusion pathway 
  • Discussion of relevant federal and state regulations and guidance documents (ORBCA, RSLs, MRBCA, KRBCA, VISL and TACO) 
  • A comprehensive case study 

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