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Learning Objectives

  • Develop risk-based work plans to collect the right quality and quantity of data
  • Perform RA and state specific RBCA evaluations
  • Explain and negotiate the results of RA
  • Understand the inherent variability and uncertainty in the results of a RA
  • Understand the need for Activity and Land Use Limitations to manage contaminated sites

Course Highlights

  • Fundamentals of toxicity
  • Fundamentals of RA
  • Technical basis & objective of RA
  • Development of site conceptual exposure model (SCEM)
  • Estimation of risk for various tiers (Forward mode)
  • Development of risk-based target levels for various tiers (Backward mode)
  • Data required to implement RA process
  • Evaluation of the indoor vapor intrusion pathway
  • Discussion of relevant federal and state regulations and guidance documents (ORBCA, RSLs, MRBCA, KRBCA, VISL and TACO)
  • A comprehensive case study
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