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Graduate Students

Below you will find our graduate students, as well as contact information, and a link to proceed to their webpage.

Tabitha Addom

tabitha.addom@okstate.eduGraduate Teaching Assistant

Lexi Almy

Graduate Teaching Associate

Sarvi Amjadi

samjadi@okstate.eduGraduate Teaching Assistant

Reagan Cole

reacole@okstate.eduGraduate Teaching Assistant

Dhruba Das

dhruba.sinha@okstate.eduGraduate Teaching Associate

Taline Da Silva

tdasilv@okstate.eduGraduate Teaching Assistant

Jimmy Esquibel

jimmy.esquibel@okstate.eduGraduate Teaching Associate

Olivia Fleming

olivia.fleming@okstate.eduGraduate Teaching Associate

Maliha Mahbub

maliha.mahbub@okstate.eduGraduate Teaching Assistant

Golasa Mirzaei

ghajimi@okstate.eduGraduate Teaching Assistant

Saani Mohammed

saani.mohammed@okstate.eduGraduate Teaching Associate

Eden Nay

Graduate Teaching Associate

Madison Scott

madison.scott11@okstate.eduGraduate Teaching Assistant

Martha Sibley

martha.sibley@okstate.eduGraduate Research Associate

Taylor Somers

taylor.somers@okstate.eduGraduate Teaching Assistant

Fatema Zohora

fzohora@okstate.eduGraduate Teaching Assistant



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