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Finding the right career and the right job can be difficult. Because of this, CAS Career Services offers one credit hour courses to help students discover a career path that fits their interests, all while developing application materials and introducing them to available resources they can use in the job search process.


Contact your academic advisor or CAS Career Services for more information and to enroll!

A&S 2111 Career Explorations

This course assists students in exploring their interests, personality and skills, while identifying prospective careers and industries. Students get the opportunity to develop application materials and practice professional correspondence.

A&S 4111 Job Search Strategies

This course is designed to introduce you to various resources available to students starting on a career path and to help students understand the many steps involved in achieving their ultimate career goals. Ultimately, this course's objective is to help you acquire a position that you truly love! This course is available for junior or senior students.


All students in the College of Arts and Sciences are encouraged to complete at least one internship experience prior to undergraduate graduation. For those who pursue a graduate degree, two or more internships/related experiences should be completed before their master's/Ph.D. graduation.


Keep in mind, an internship is meant to be a meaningful experience related to your field of interest. Identify skills needed for your career goals and seek a position that will allow you the opportunity to build those desired skills. Related experiences, even without the job title of “intern,” are also helpful and can include an externship, experiential learning opportunity, study abroad, summer job, job shadowing, part-time job, co-op, student assistant, research participation and volunteer work in your field of study.


Types of Internships

  • Computer Science/IT
  • Field Work
  • Medical Job Shadowing
  • Musical Performance
  • Political/Governmental
  • Research/Lab Work

Academic Credit

There are no CAS majors that require internships but students may choose to enroll in an independent study course or A&S 3710 to receive course credit. Academic credit is awarded on an individual basis, and evaluated by each department differently. Some internship employers require academic credit. It does not matter if the position was paid or unpaid to receive academic credit. Students seeking academic credit for their internship experiences must visit with their individual departmental advisor and enroll in the appropriate course for their area of study. In most cases, this must be approved by your academic department before the internship begins.


Practicum or internship experience not included in departmental offerings.


Before enrolling, students must have an individual contract approved by the sponsoring Arts and Sciences professor and the Dean of Arts and Sciences (or administrative officer), for use in special circumstances by Arts and Sciences departments that do not have an internship course.


How to enroll

  • See academic advisor and find out if you can get academic credit for your internship

  • Find a faculty mentor to sponsor you

  • Complete A&S 3710 Application 

  • Department permission will be given via Banner

  • Enroll via Banner on or after assigned enrollment date

  • Complete assignments (as assigned by faculty sponsor)

CAS Internship

A&S 3710
Credits: 1-9, maximum 9
Prerequisite: Junior standing
CAS Internship
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