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No student should ever feel they have to navigate career preparations alone. Our office highly encourages each student to schedule an individual appointment with a Career Coordinator. An individual appointment will allow specific information to be shared related to each student’s major, academic status, industry interests and level of experience so that the student can be given targeted information based on their career goals. 


CAS Career Services works closely with the Central Career Services office and is located in 213 Life Science East. 


Schedule an Appointment

Jillian George, M.A.

Pillars: Math, Life Sciences, Technology

Victoria Teicheira

Pillars: Arts, Humanities

Kandice Talbert M.Ed.

Pillars: Social Sciences

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Career Connections

Looking for career or internship opportunities for your major? Click here to discover countless possibilties based on your major.
Career Connections

More Opportunities

Courses and Internships

Finding the right career path and the right position when the time comes, can be difficult. CAS Career Services offers one credit hour courses to help students find a career path that fits their interests, develop application material and introduce students to available resources in the job search process. Read more about courses


In efforts to better communicate career services offerings please consider inviting one of our staff members to present in your class or for your organization.The career services staff is happy to come and present on a variety of topics that will best suit your student population. Arrange a Presentation


CAS Career Services offers various resources for students in all stages of the job search process. Whether students are wanting to go directly into a career after graduation or continue their education, Career Services can help. We encouage students to utilize the provided resources and also to schedule one-on-one meetings with us for additional aid.  Download Resources
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