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How to Schedule an Appointment

To schedule an appointment with your undergraduate advisor, click the blue "Get Advising" button after logging into the STAR System.
The STAR System is available only to OSU's undergraduate students.  Graduate students are not in the system and cannot log in as students (GTAs can log in as professors if they are listed as an instructor of record in Banner).

For an Appointment

 Students currently enrolled and assigned to CAS advisors may make an appointment with their advisor on

If you need to meet with an advisor you are not presently assigned to, please call (405) 744-5658 for assistance.

Dr. Amy Martindale, Ed.D.

Assistant Dean Student Academic Services

Dr. Shawn Rose, Ph.D.

Associate Director Student Academic Services

Anthony Valentine, M.A., M.S.E.

Senior Academic Advisor II

Tracy Gustafson, M.A.

Senior Academic Advisor I

Courtney Willis, M.S.

Senior Academic Advisor I

Ilana Rivkovich, M.A.

Senior Academic Advisor I

Kandice Talbert, M.Ed.

Academic Advisor II

Orville Williams, M.F.A.

Academic Advisor II


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