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Free training available through scholarships. Apply for scholarships and we will reach out to you if you qualify. See more information below.

Upskilling Our Groundwater Workforce

NGWA University has a series of groundwater training courses. These career development opportunities are designed for industry professionals, regulators, university students, or entry-level workers in preparation for rigorous certification exams. These courses will improve the safety and skills of drilling industry members and train the next generation of drillers to address the critical shortage of professionals in the industry.

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Courses vary in length and competencies. The Oklahoma Water Resources Board provides continuing education credit in the state of Oklahoma. Find all courses and programs available here.

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General Drilling Prep

Formerly known as Drilling Basics Online, this package is for entry-level to mid-career groundwater professionals seeking to prepare for the General Drilling exam with NGWA.

Drilling Safety Onboarding Image

Driller Safety Onboarding

The Driller Safety Onboarding Program includes three courses necessary to get started in the groundwater industry: Groundwater 101, General Workplace Safety, and Drill Rig Safety. This collection of courses is ideal for new-hire orientation in a variety of groundwater-related positions.

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Drilling Mechanics

Drilling Mechanics provides an in-depth look into the rigs and fluids needed to drill for groundwater. This mid-career level of training will help groundwater professionals enhance their skills for potential career advancement.

Groundwater Pumps Package

Groundwater Pumps

Groundwater pumps provides an overview of groundwater pumps developed for the groundwater industry. This mid-career training is for workers who are looking to advance their knowledge and skills or prepare for the NGWA Water Systems exam.

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Looking for a Single Course

NGWA University understands that a lengthy program isn’t for everyone, so we offer classes on an individual basis as well. Please find a list of all our courses offered here.

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Stay Up to Date

The latest information and course plans can be found here!

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Recently Released

NGWA University understands staying up-to-date, check out the latest courses and program that were released!

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Focus on the Future. NGWA University knows that growing with new research and understanding is a large part of being a drilling professional. From entry-level to advanced knowledge, NGWAU provides training for all skill levels and releases course and program packages to help you grow professionally. Join a wait list to be notified when these courses launch soon!

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Request a Topic

Don't see what you need? Submit a course topic here! High quality experiences come from those who are experts in their field and have boots on the ground. If you have an idea for a course you would like to see created by NGWA University, let us know!

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Not Your Typical Online Training

Access it anywhere, anytime. Smart phone, tablet, laptop or desktop, this program is accessible from any device. We even have keyboard accessible versions upon request. Participants set the pace. There’s a rolling enrollment so you decide when to get started. Intuitive navigation and competency-based learning allows you to progress as you pass through checkpoints. With six weeks to complete the eight-hour course, pick it up when it is convenient for you.  Experience the latest in education. View rock samples and rigs in 360 degrees, walk through real-world scenarios for relevant connections, or take a tour of a drilling site. These courses provide the newest innovations in virtual technology for a fun and educational experience!
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Scholarships Available

NGWA University is excited to partner with industry businesses and higher education to provide financial assistance to participants desiring an expansion of knowledge and skills by completing critical continuing education courses for free. If you are a potential participant or partner interested in how financial assistance can impact you or your business, you can learn more about scholarships offered by clicking the link below or completing the application directly.
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UpSkill with Micro-Credentials

Micro-Credentials allow participants to experience a short-term learning opportunity that showcases specific learned skills to a potential employer. NGWAU courses provide participants with a certificate of completion and a digital badge to display on resumes and professional portfolios that demonstrates their tangible and applicable groundwater knowledge that they can use the first day on the job.


Learn More About Micro-credentials at OSU


Thank you to our founding sponsors, without whom this program would not be possible. 

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Platinum Founding Industry Partner


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