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Drilling Basics

Building A Pipeline To Groundwater Careers

This collaboration between Oklahoma State University's College of Arts and Sciences and the National Ground Water Association aims to address the critical shortfall of geoscience workers and improve access to groundwater essential for people around the world. From K-12 outreach to academic curriculum to workforce development, NGWA University creates direct pathways for students to pursue groundwater careers.   

The Issues We FaceGroundwater provides 98% of accessible drinking water, yet there is a gap in qualified workers to access this precious resource. 

geoscience positions 

need filled as early as 2029
years of economic growth

from drilling industry wells
of Americans

rely on the groundwater industry for drinking water
years of increase

life expectancy from clean water

NGWA University

Register for Training
NGWA University is an online training program developed through a collaboration of industry professionals, scientists, engineers and experts in online education. Courses can lead to drilling certification, potential university credits, and continuing education credits.

Awesome Aquifer 360

STEM Lessons for K-12
NGWA's Awesome Aquifer Kit helps K-12 students visualize concepts such as groundwater storage and contamination. The physical kit has been digitized through OSU's CAS Outreach into Awesome Aquifer 360, and is now a fully online interactive experience. The 360 version allows NGWA to reach more students than ever before. 

NGWAU Research

Managed Aquifer Recharge
Faculty in the Boone Pickens School of Geology, like Dr. Todd Halihan, are researching current issues in groundwater. Managed Aquifer Recharge (MAR) investigates how to resupply our groundwater aquifers safely and effectively with surface water (rainwater, storm water, freshwater runoff, etc.). This research could pave the way for recharging depleting groundwater aquifers and reduce the loss of freshwater from surface water lakes and other drinking water sources.


Thank you to our founding sponsors, without whom this program would not be possible. 

Franklin Electric

Platinum Founding Industry Partner


Founding Industry Partner

David Traut and Traut Companies

Founding Member Partner

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