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Upskilling Our Groundwater Workforce

Drilling Basics Online is a series of groundwater training courses with future development of classroom and field courses. These career development opportunities are  designed for industry professionals, regulators, university students, or entry-level workers in preparation for rigorous certification exams. These courses will improve the safety and skills of drilling industry members and train the next generation of drillers to address the critical shortage of professionals in the industry.

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Each course takes approximately eight hours to complete and covers skills and competencies that appear on NGWA groundwater drilling exams. The Oklahoma Water Resources Board will issue 10 continuing education units (CEUs) per course, and 50 CEUs for all five Drilling Basics courses.

General Workplace Safety

Gain a general understanding of workplace safety regulations and best practices. Topics include OSHA, DOT and EPA regulations. Training describes hazard identification, risk assessment and site assessment, as well as appropriate procedures and protocols for common safety hazards.Register Today

Geology and Groundwater

A fundamental overview of rock types, aquifer characteristics, and how groundwater flow is calculated. Includes large-scale earth processes and subsurface structures. Covers movement of groundwater and barriers to flow, as well as the many characteristics of aquifers and how groundwater flow is calculated are included.Register Today

Hydrogeology and Fluid Mechanics

Explore topics such as well scale, water quality, sampling approaches and the hydrogeologic relationship to proper well construction. Covers fluids used and produced during the drilling process. Includes explanations of engineered mud systems, challenges in handling fluids, and descriptions of proper tools and equipment used. Waiting List

Rig Types and Well Design

A showcase of drilling methods and types of drilling rigs, as well as descriptions of well rehabilitation and evaluation. Broad overview of cable tool, mud, air and dual rotary, reverse circulation, and environmental drilling methods. Covers creating a borehole, well installation and development, safety, and communicating with regulators, stakeholders, and customers. Register Today

Drill Rig Safety

Waiting ListHow to properly operate machinery, protect yourself and those around you from harm, and steps to prevent environmental catastrophes. Although safety considerations are threaded among the curriculum for all five modules due to its critical importance, the specific safety concerns surrounding drilling rigs is detailed in this training. 

All 5 Courses

Enroll NowEnroll in all five Drilling Basics Online Courses. Enroll in all five courses and receive a discount! Courses included in this series are General Workplace Safety, Geology and Groundwater, Hydrogeology and Fluid Mechanics, Rig Types and Well Design, and Drill Rig Safety. Enroll now and the complete the courses as they become available. 

Spanish Versions

Lista de esperaLos cinco cursos de Drilling Basics en linea seran traducidos al español. Each of the five Drilling Basics Online courses carefully translated into Spanish. After translation, bilingual subject matter experts review each course to ensure the content is as accurate and informative as the English versions. 

University Credit

Contact UsPotential option to earn college credit for completing Drilling Basics Online. We would like to establish how many of our participants would like to receive credit for this training program. Contact us today to let us know you are interested in receiving official academic credit.  

Not Your Typical Online Training

Access it anywhere, anytime. Smart phone, tablet, laptop or desktop, this program is accessible from any device. We even have keyboard accessible versions upon request. Participants set the pace. There’s a rolling enrollment so you decide when to get started. Intuitive navigation and competency-based learning allows you to progress as you pass through checkpoints. With six weeks to complete the eight-hour course, pick it up when it is convenient for you.  Experience the latest in education. View rock samples and rigs in 360 degrees, walk through real-world scenarios for relevant connections, or take a tour of a drilling site. These courses provide the newest innovations in virtual technology for a fun and educational experience!

Digital Badges and Scholarships

Participants of Drilling Basics Online will automatically receive a digital badge to showcase the accomplishment of completing a training course. Thanks to the support of the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education, Franklin Electric, and matching funds from Oklahoma industry partners, scholarships are now available to complete the courses. View our list of industry partners below, and complete this scholarship interest form to see if you are eligible.  


Thank you to our founding sponsors, without whom this program would not be possible. 

Franklin Electric

Platinum Founding Industry Partner


Founding Industry Partner

David Traut and Traut Companies

Founding Member Partner

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