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Research Group Fellowship Archive

Academic Year 2022-2023

Medical/Health Humanities

Possible subfields may include health justice and activism, history of medicine or science, the intersectionality of pandemics, and/or disability studies

Re-Envisioning Community Engaged Healing for Black Women


Due to the current backlash of anti-Black gendered oppression and the severe health disparities and inequities, the need to attend to Black women's health and healing is urgent. We are calling for the creation of sacred spaces for Black women to engage in embodied communal healing.


More on the Medical/Health Humanities group's research proposal here



Environmental Humanities

Possible subfields may include human/animal studies, climate change, food studies, environmental activism, and/or environmental racism

  • Dr. Cailey Hall, English
  • Dr. Rebecca Kaplan, History
  • Komal Nazir, English

Food Security and Food Cultures on Campus


Starting by designing a comprehensive website to provide up-to-date information on various food-related resources available on campus, this project aims to increase awareness of food insecurity on campus and coordinate efforts to address this issue. The easy-to-navigate website will clearly and concisely provide information for students, faculty, and staff to help foster connections between members of the OSU community who share food cultures and food interests.


More on the Environmental Humanities group's research proposal here


Digital Humanities

Possible approaches may include digital analysis in the service of humanistic inquiry or humanistic analysis of digital environments, spaces, and tools

Who Will Generate Our Future?: Critical Perspectives on ChatGPT


Bringing together media, feminist, and queer theories, this project explores the quickly evolving role of generative artificial intelligence in academia and beyond. This project seeks to bring much-needed critical perspectives to the suddenly ubiquitous usage of generative AI, specifically ChatGPT, and how its use will shape our experiences of academic and social life.


More on the Digital Humanities group's research proposal here


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