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Minoring in Mathematics

Mathematics is a logical supporting subject for majors in a wide variety of fields. The minor in Mathematics is very flexible and permits courses in a broad range of mathematical subjects.

Steps to Take

Requirements: The requirements for a minor in Mathematics include 22 hours at the level of Calculus or above, with a minimum grade of "C" or "P" in each course. At least 6 hours must be completed in residence at OSU (this does not include AP courses, TCC courses, etc.). The required courses are:

  • Ten (10) hours with a minimum grade of "C" or "P" in MATH 2144, Calculus I; MATH 2153, Calculus II; and MATH 2163, Calculus III.
  • Twelve (12) additional hours of Math courses requiring at least MATH 2153, Calculus II as a prerequisite. Nine (9) hours must be upper division; three hours must be at the 4000-level. MATH 3303 is not allowed. No grade below "C".

Course Selection: The courses available for the Math minor include extensive offerings in every major area of pure and applied mathematics. Some courses emphasize both theory and applications. The undergraduate courses which may be used towards the minor are listed on the Mathematics Courses page.


Declaring a Math Minor

  • See your major advisor or any advisor in the Arts and Sciences Student Success Center, 213 LSE, in order to declare your intention to pursue the minor in mathematics.
  • In the semester when you complete your minor requirements, see any Mathematics advisor to file the completion form so that the minor will appear on your transcript.
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