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Course Rotations

Mathematics courses may be divided roughly into two categories - pure and applied. But in fact many span both of these categories. The list below is perhaps best described as one of emphasis rather than categorization. The notation S means the course is (normally) offered every Spring; F means it is offered in the Fall; and Su means it has been recently offered in the Summer.


Basic Courses:

preparation for advanced study for all students


  • 2233, Differential Equations (F, S, Su)
  • 3013, Linear Algebra (F, S, Su)
  • 3263, Linear Algebra and Differential Equations (S) (specifically designed for industrial engineers; only 6 hours combined from 2233, 3013 and 3263 may be used towards a degree)

Applied Mathematics Courses:

helpful for engineers and others seeking courses to assist in using mathematics to solve applied problems.


  • 3583, Introduction to Mathematical Modeling (F)
  • 4013, Calculus of Several Variables (F, S)
  • 4233, Intermediate Differential Equations (F)
  • 4263, Introduction to Partial Differential Equations (S)
  • 4283, Complex Variables (F)
  • 4423, Geometry and Algorithms in Three Dimensional Modeling (S)
  • 4453, Mathematical Interest Theory (S)
  • 4513, Numerical Analysis (F)
  • 4553, Introduction to Optimization (S)
  • 4663, Combinatorial Mathematics (S)
  • 4753, Introduction to Cryptography (S)

Pure Mathematics Courses:

developing the student's ability to read and write proofs; emphasizing logic and rigorous reasoning, problem solving, and pattern recognition; important foundational courses for graduate study in mathematics.


  • 3613, Introduction to Modern Algebra (F, S)
  • 3933, Research Methods (S)
  • 4023, Introduction to Analysis (F, S, Su)
  • 4033,  History of Mathematics (F)
  • 4343, Introduction to Topology (S- Alternate years)
  • 4403, Geometry (F)
  • 4663, Combinatorial Mathematics (S)
  • 4713, Number Theory (F)
  • 4753, Introduction to Cryptography (S)
  • 4813, Groups and Representations (S-Alternate years)

Advanced Undergraduate/Graduate Courses Carrying Automatic Honors Credit:

these are our most advanced and rigorous undergraduate courses; 3 hours from this list are required for students wishing to earn Departmental Honors.


  • 4063, Advanced Linear Algebra (F, S), meets with MATH 5023
  • 4143, Advanced Calculus I (F), meets with MATH 5043
  • 4153, Advanced Calculus II (S), meets with MATH 5053
  • 4613, Modern Algebra I (F), meets with MATH 5003
  • 4623, Modern Algebra II (S), meets with MATH 5013
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