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Reading Readiness Camp

The Reading Readiness Camp is intended to foster a love for reading among young school-going children through hands-on, fun learning activities. Campers will be engaged in small group instruction that focuses on developing their confidence for reading in a supportive environment.

Learning Objectives

  • To increase child’s alphabetical knowledge, including naming and sequential skills.
  • To increase child’s knowledge of sound/symbol associations for all consonants, consonant digraphs and short vowels.
  • To increase a child's phonological awareness abilities.
  • To increase a child’s ability to write/print.
girl writing at a table

Assessment Remarks

There will be no research conducted during the 2024 Reading Readiness Camp.
girl writing on a piece of paper at a table

Camp Instructors

Lisa Ashley, M.Ed., CCC-SLP

Lisa Ashley joined as a Camp Instructor in 2018 and is a skilled and experienced speech language pathologist.

Kristi Carpenter, MS, CCC-SLP, LSLS, Cert. AVT

Kristi Carpenter is a licensed speech-language pathologist and clinical manager at the clinic. 

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