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Beckman Scholars Program Mentors 

The OSU BSP mentors are world-class scientists and outstanding mentors committed to developing the next generation of STEM leaders.

Meet our Mentors

Dr. Mario Borunda - theory and computation methods to predict which materials can be candidates for energy production


Dr. Matthew Cabeen - features and mechanisms of bacterial stress responses;  metabolism and behavior of human pathogens


Dr. Christopher Fennellcomputational chemistry with a focus on molecular modeling of condensed phase systems


Dr. Jennifer Grindstaff - use physiology, behavioral ecology and evolutionary biology to understand proximate mechanisms and evolutionary consequences of life history trade-offs. 


Dr. Erika Lutter - bacterial host-pathogen interactions involving Chlamydia trachomatis and polymicrobial interactions of cystic fibrosis infections. 


Dr. Elizabeth McCullagh - factors affecting of sound processing including how changes  that occur to the brain affect auditory processing 


Dr. Marianna Patrauchan - understanding the molecular mechanisms of calcium (Ca2+) signaling in bacterial physiology.


Dr. Yolanda Vasquez - low temperature synthetic techniques; nanomaterials synthesis, bioengineering, drug delivery, materials science

Applicants will select three (3) mentor research areas that are most interesting to them. 


OSU BSP will help match applicants with a mentor during the final stages of the application process.



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