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What will you discover?Limitless opportunities.

CAS offers numerous ways for you to engage in research and creative activity. Research lets you build confidence and to make important contributions to our knowledge. Getting What sparks your curiosity? Do you have a passion for people, numbers, art, organizations, technology, history, or the natural world? Think about what you’re interested in exploring and why. Get started now!

Quick-start Steps

Research Goals Planning

Discuss your goals and opportunities with Dr. Rachael Eaton, the CAS Program Manager for Student Research.


Quick answers for students interested in research or creative activity at OSU

CAS Research Registration

Students should register with CAS Research for news, updates, and opportunities


Research Programs

CAS undergraduates participating in research or creative scholarship are eligible for special training programs, scholarships, and opportunities to showcase their work. The links below are just some of the programs available to support our researchers and scholars. 


Student graduate celebrating



  • Major: English - Screen Studies
  • Class of 2023 (and incoming OSU Grad Student) from Tulsa, Oklahoma
  • I started doing research in the spring semester 2021. I applied for the AURCA (Advancing Undergraduate Research or Creative Activity) program and wanted to do research of some kind in the English department
  • At first, I was hesitant because I did not know anything about linguistics, but I wanted to step out of my comfort zone, so I applied to be a research assistant. 
  • I worked with Dr. Sarah Loss for two years on the RODEO project (Research on Dialects of English in Oklahoma)


Research Impact

  • My research project is important because I was able to broaden the diversity within the study. I was able to look at minority groups of people and ask them questions that researchers in the past did not think to ask.
  • I was able to make the data more diverse, while being more inclusive of demographics that are often overlooked.
  • I presented my research at the OSU Undergraduate Research Symposium in April. I also had the opportunity to present my research at the Center of Oklahoma Studies with the Linguistics team from the OSU English department.
  • These were great opportunities for me to not only share my work, but also get experience with presenting to groups of people that I am not familiar with. 



  • In the future, I will be continuing my education. I will be staying at OSU to complete my masters in the Screen Studies program.
  • After completing my masters, I would love to get my PhD and become a professor for film/screen studies. 


Workshops & Resources

Our resources not only help students get started in research and creative activity, but also build skills needed to reach their goals!

Senior Thesis

Each of the CAS majors offers Honors Tracks and many Honors students go on to write their Senior Thesis, a capstone project involving independent research within their major. The Undergraduate Research Certificate is available for students interested in an in-depth research experience and Senior Thesis project, outside of the Honors Tracks.

Research and Creative Activity Across CAS

CAS offers a variety of opportunities for undergraduate research and creative activity. Click the links below to learn about ways to explore options across our many departments. We are always looking for new ways to help our students grow as scholars. 

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