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Getting Started

  • Major: Biology (Pre-medical Sciences)

  • Minor: Microbiology

  • Class of (Fall) 2023  from Tulsa, Oklahoma, originally the Phillippines

  • I lacked prior research experience, when my academic advisor informed me about a summer internship.

  • Gathering my courage, I decided to apply for the Diversity in Cancer Research Program at the OU Stephenson Cancer Center in Oklahoma City.

  • I secured a spot in the program with Dr. Rashmi Kaul, a professor in the Immunology and Biochemistry department at OSU Center for Health & Sciences (OSU-CHS).

Making an Impact

  • Our research focuses on the discovery of biomarkers for identifying cancer progression.

  • We quantified protein expression in individuals with healthy liver function, liver cirrhosis, and liver cancer.

  • We found that premenopausal females show lower susceptibility to liver disease than others. We identified a biomarker protein that may be an indicator of cancer progression in males.

  • Our discoveries can lead to more effective diagnostic tools in cancer management.

  •  I recently presented my research at OSU-CHS' Research Week, with medical and post-graduate students.

  • It was an honor to receive the "Research Excellence Award," especially as an undergraduate.

Looking Forward

  • I am currently working towards authorship on a published paper with Dr. Kaul's team.

  • I plan to enroll in a medical school while also engaging in research activities.

  • My primary objective is to delve into drug development and formulation within a laboratory setting.

Research Programs

CAS undergraduates participating in research or creative scholarship are eligible for special training programs, scholarships, and opportunities to showcase their work. The links below are just some of the programs available to support our researchers and scholars.

Research and Creative Activity Across CAS

CAS offers a variety of opportunities for undergraduate research and creative activity. Click the links below to learn about ways to explore options across our many departments. We are always looking for new ways to help our students grow as scholars. 

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