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Statisticians are Versatile, Logical, Analytical and in Demand.
A statistician is trained in the science of decision making. They assist in determining what data to collect, designing experiments, analyzing the data, interpreting the results and reporting the findings. Statisticians are able to work in a variety of disciplines such as health care, environment, agriculture, government and many more areas. Statistician, or data analyst, is one of the top ten careers in the U.S. 

Our Programs

Undergraduate Studies

The undergraduate program in statistics is an ideal choice for the person who is intrigued by mathematics, computing and problem solving. Since statistics is used as a decision-making tool in so many areas, it is an ideal combination for a double major or as a preparation for graduate school.

Graduate Studies

The department offers master's and doctoral degrees requiring a strong foundation in mathematics. You will experience both applied and theoretical classes.

Online Master's Degree

For those working full-time or who live outside of Stillwater, there is an online degree option for you. Earn a Master's of Science in Applied Statistics entirely online.

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