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Graduate Program

The primary goal of graduate study in psychology is to produce scholars/researchers with sufficient breadth and depth to permit successful independent and significant research. While major emphasis is given to the preparation for research, organized and concerted effort is also made to give students the necessary background for teaching, practice or any combination of these fields. The department admits only full-time students planning to work toward the Ph.D. degree. The M.S. degree is awarded as the first step in doctoral training. Throughout training, students develop skills in research, teaching and other professional activities integral to psychology.

Graduate Degrees

Clinical Psychology, Ph.D.

We train our students to be leading researchers, critical consumers of the scientific literature, and clinicians who depend on scientific findings to guide their applied activities. All of our doctoral students are expected to conduct original research, and most of our graduates make ongoing contributions to the scientific literature over the course of their careers.

Program Overview

Experimental Psychology, Ph.D.

The experimental program adopts a broad approach to the science of psychology by examining the biological, cognitive, developmental, social, and personality factors that affect behavior across the full range of the individual’s lifespan, providing an approach to psychology that extends “from the cradle to the grave.” There are four concentrations to choose from, all housed under the general experimental program.

Program Overview

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Opportunities and Information

Financial Support

Since our graduate training programs aim at high-level professional training, we believe that every student should be provided with adequate financial support to complete the program. The department does not encourage graduate students to enroll in the programs while supporting themselves with a job not associated with their academic pursuits. The department's goal is to provide some financial support for all graduate students through teaching assistantships, research assistantships, fellowships and traineeships.

Assistantships, Fellowships and Traineeships

Psychology Diversified Students Program

The department maintains a Psychology Diversified Students Program (PDSP).

Information for the Psychology Diversified Students Program

Psychological Services Center

The PSC's staff includes doctoral students in the clinical psychology training program. Student therapists are supervised by clinical psychologists in the Department of Psychology. Although the exact composition may change from year to year, the staff is generally composed of individuals from diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds.

Psychological Services Center

Get Involved with the Student Diversity Committee

The Student Diversity Committee is composed of self-selected graduate students from both the experimental and clinical psychology programs.

Student Diversity Committee
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