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OSU Writing Center

What We Do and Whom We Serve
We help you understand and practice many strategies effective writers use—from brainstorming to drafting to editing techniques.
The Oklahoma State Writing Center is here to serve the OSU community. We aim to develop effective communications regardless of skill level and background.


Here at the Writing Center at Oklahoma State University, we value and serve all writers at OSU. Our belief is that every writer, no matter the stage of their career or the stage of their writing, can benefit from having a conversation about writing with our tutors. The writers who make up our center are our own tutors, who are also OSU students, as well as the rest of the OSU population, such as faculty and staff members. 


The Writing Center is a space of collaboration and embraces a relational-based pedagogy that focuses on the importance of peer tutoring. In the Writing Center, our tutors are also writers and readers you can trust to try out ideas on, to ask questions you’re grappling with, or to be a second pair of eyes to help refine your writing through discussions about clarity, syntax, and style. 

Our Tutors

are uniquely qualified to help.
The Oklahoma State University Writing Center is uniquely qualified to discuss writing at all stages and with all writers because we employ tutors from a variety of backgrounds. Our writing staff is comprised of English graduate students, Writing Across the Curriculum graduate students (WAC), and undergraduate students. Many of our graduate students are experienced instructors, researchers, leaders, and organizers. 

Community Engagement

The Oklahoma State University Writing Center collaborates with a variety of groups within the Stillwater community to bring free, educational programs to the public. Tutors have the opportunity to participate in community engagement programs, working with all age ranges and disciplines of writing. The program’s aims are to improve others’ literacy and professional development skills through writing center pedagogy. We encourage mutual respect and active listening for co-learning outcomes. Community engagement events are tailored to special interests or needs within the community, and bring value to the learning experience. We believe community engagement is meaningful and important work to create rewarding experiences for the volunteers and program participants through partnerships with schools, museums, libraries, and other community services and programs in Oklahoma.

About Us

Meet Our Staff
Contact the Writing Center (WC) when you:
  • Don’t receive asynchronous feedback after 48 hours.
  • Have trouble understanding asynchronous feedback.
  • Miss your session.
  • Are unable to log in to the WC website for an online session.
  • Cannot access asynchronous feedback.
  • Need to book a session.
  • Need extra assistance with a paper.

Embracing the Land Grant Mission

Oklahoma State University is a land-grant university. Land-grant universities were started from the Morrill Acts of 1862 and 1890, where federal land was given to build universities in more rural areas in order to make education more accessible, and included more practical majors such as agriculture. The three primary values of land-grant institutions are research, instruction, and outreach/extension. At the Oklahoma State University Writing Center, we embrace all three components of the land-grant mission.
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