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Research Team

Graduate Students

Noopur Dasgupta headshot

Noopur Dasgupta, Ph.D. Student, 2021-2023

Noopur joined our lab in the Fall of 2021 as a Ph.D. student! She is excited to work on host kinase manipulation by C. trachomatis.








Tanisha Goyal headshot

Tanisha Goyal, Master's Student, 2022-2023

Tanisha Goyal joined the lab in the Fall of 2022 as a Masters student!  She will be studying protein-protein interactions between chlamydial proteins and host proteins.







Christian Holcomb headshot

Christian Holcomb, Ph.D. Student, 2020-2023

Christian Holcomb is a Ph.D. student who just joined the lab in the Fall of 2020! He is the recipient of an NIH T32 G-RISE Fellowship! He is working on Inc proteins and looking at host immune modulation by Chlamydia trachomatis!






Yingxin Zhang headshot

Yingxin Zhang, Ph.D. Student, 2022-2023

Yingxin Zhang joined the lab in Fall 2022 as a Ph.D. student!  She will be studying mechanisms of Pseudomonas aeruginosa host cell invasion.







Undergraduate Students

Gracie Faver headshot


Gracie Faver, 2023

Gracie Faver just joined the lab in the fall of 2023! She is working with Staph aureus clinical isolates to look at overall mutation rates!







Jake Patterson headshot


Jake Patterson, 2020-2023

Jake Patterson is an undergraduate OK-LSAMP researcher and honors student who joined the lab in the fall of 2020!  He is studying Pseudomonas-Pseudomonas interactions.






Rebecca Wilson headshot


Rebecca Wilson, 2020-2023

Rebecca Wilson is an undergraduate Niblack Research Scholar who joined the lab in the fall of 2020! She is looking at the diversity of bacteria from the cystic fibrosis lung and multi-drug resistance.




Research Team Alumni

  • Wade Arthur
  • Chloe Backhaus
  • Amanda Behar, MSc
  • Kaylea Bixler
  • Melissa Brewer, Ph.D.
  • Morgan Busby
  • Omid Darbandi
  • Clay Deal
  • Ty Derouen
  • Rawan Eleshy, MSc
  • Jordan Fleming
  • Emily Gietzen
  • Katie Hergenreder
  • Dillon Jones
  • Biraj Kayastha, Ph.D.
  • Andre King
  • Cheyenne Knox
  • Denver La Force
  • Christopher Laley
  • Ty Lute
  • Deepali Luthra
  • Rachel McAllister
  • Ashley Means
  • Kayli Nail
  • Nicholas Nelson
  • Elizabeth Pascual, MSc
  • Ryan Pruitt
  • Daniel Reed
  • Brooke Romine
  • Prakash Sah, Ph.D.
  • Matt Smith
  • William (Colby) Starr
  • Swapnil Sengupta
  • Kalen Strunk
  • Madison Tryzbiak
  • Anna Wright
  • Link Zheng






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