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Dr. Lutter's Lab

Welcome to the Lutter Lab!  Our lab is interested in exploring infections at mucosal sites with two main research areas: host-pathogen interactions involving Chlamydia trachomatis and polymicrobial interactions of cystic fibrosis infections. 

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Classes Taught

Undergraduate Teaching

  • MICR 3890 - Pathogenic Microbes Honors Add-on
  • MICR 4052 - Pathogenic Microbiology Laboratory (2 credits)
  • MICR 4053 - Pathogenic Microbiology  (3 credits)
  • MICR 4153 -  Emerging Infectious Agents (3 credits)
  • MICR 4990 - Special Problems/Independent Research
  • MICR 4993 - Honors Thesis

Graduate Teaching

  •  MICR 5000 - Thesis
  •  MICR 5053 - Pathogenic Microbiology (3 credits)
  •  MICR 5153 - Emergine Infectious Agents (3 credits)
  •  MICR 5990 - Special Problems/Independent Research
  •  MICR 6000 - Dissertation
  •  MICR 6120 - Recent Advancements in Microbiology

Photo of Kayla Kifer

The Microbiology labs at OSU helped me gain confidence in performing laboratory testing and handling infectious microbes. I was then able to transfer my experience to a clinical setting. I completed a one year clinical internship at the Saint Francis School of Medical Laboratory Science in Tulsa. This allowed me to obtain a national MLS certification through the American Society for Clinical Pathology. My favorite class during undergrad was Pathogenic Microbiology Lab. The class gave me a solid foundation in identifying pathogenic bacteria, and I can use that information while at my job in the Saint Francis Microbiology Department. Thanks, Dr. Lutter!

- Kayla Kifer
Tulsa, OK
Photo of Nicholas Nelson

My degree in Microbiology led me to my current career by exposing me to a variety of different classes in order to provoke my scientific understanding. I was fortunate enough to work for Dr. Erika Lutter in her lab to gain hands on knowledge and experience. My career started in her lab and with that experience it has provided me with the knowledge to get into a world-renowned research institute in The Broad. My favorite classes were Dr. Lutter's 4990 and conducting Undergraduate research. They helped me immensely. My advice to students is to try and think about possible careers early and try to intern at a company even if it may not be right in your wheelhouse. I think the biggest thing is finding a career that best suits you and what you want to get out of it. Always have an open mind and a keen ear, listening is such an important quality. Also to have a hardworking attitude and have the mindset that nothing will be handed to you. The last thing is to truly enjoy your time at OSU, there truly is no other place like it.

- Nicholas Nelson
Cambridge, MA
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