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Microbiology and Molecular Genetics

Microbiology and cell and molecular biology are disciplines founded on experimentation. Our students learn about many areas of biomedical sciences and put the scientific method into practice by working in laboratories. Areas include: how microorganisms live and interact with other organisms and the environment, how some microorganisms cause disease, how genes and cellular components function, and how cellular processes can be harnessed for biotechnology. Many of our undergraduates go on to professional schools such as medical school or graduate school. Others find jobs in health care, medical laboratories, teaching, research and industry. We offer fast-track programs to medical or veterinary schools. Our graduate program provides the one-on-one mentoring students need to become successful research scientists.

Our Programs

Undergraduate Studies

Majoring in microbiology/cell and molecular biology will train you in the hottest area of biomedical science.

Graduate Studies

Our graduate student curriculum is designed to provide you with the advanced and rigorous training on the development of a skill set that is essential for a career in microbiology and cell and molecular biology.


The Department of Microbiology and Molecular Genetics is committed to helping our students to be competitive for undergraduate and graduate awards and scholarships.

About Us

Contact information for our Faculty, Staff and Labs
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Center for Integrative Microbiome Science

There is tremendous potential in microbiome research. It could revolutionize the way we treat health conditions, practice agriculture, and deal with ecological and environmental issues. Oklahoma State University (OSU) has interdisciplinary strength and critical capabilities, including specialized facilities for research in all of these areas.
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