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Our Research Team

Riley Armstead headshot


Riley Armstead, Undergraduate Student

Riley is working in the renewable-energy pilot project "OrangeEarthPower" turning food waste and biodegradable plastics from OSU's dining facilities into methane and energy with the help of microorganisms.






Camren Branch headshot


Camren Branch, Undergraduate Student











Samikshya Giri headshot

Samikshya Giri, Ph.D. Student

Samikshya wants to explore the diverse world of Geomicrobiology and discover how microorganisms in anoxic habitats act as natural sink for the abundant volatile compound isoprene.






Kara Heathman headshot


Kara Heathman, Undergraduate Student











Jordon Massey headshot

Jordon Massey, Graduate Student, Geology

Jordon is a graduate student in the Geology Department and interested in the bio/remediation of contaminated aquifers. He is specifically focussing on the contaminant plume evolution within the low permeability zones (LPZ).







Colby Satterfield headshot


Colby Satterfield, Undergraduate Student

Colby helped with the immense challenge of setting up the lab during Covid from 2020-2021. All the best for starting a new chapter in Texas!








Zoe Siftar headshot


Zoe Siftar, Undergraduate Honors Student

Zoe Siftar is a Junior studying Microbiology. One of her biggest passions is hiking, and spending time in the outdoors. Zoe's dream is to become a researcher and explore how extremophiles live and function in their environments.

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