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What is the Humanities Initiative?

The Oklahoma State University Humanities Initiative launched in Fall 2021 to increase the visibility of humanities research on campus while also fostering the production of new interdisciplinary projects. Its mission is to provide an inclusive and collaborative environment to initiate new interdisciplinary research, foster dialogue, and engage communities. This is achieved through panels and lecture series as well as a new research clusters program. The HI also facilitates communication and networking on campus and beyond.


Research Group Fellowships

Our new Research Groups Fellowship will be launched in the 2022-2023 academic year. Research groups will be made up of individuals across disciplines with the intent to incubate new collaborative humanities scholarship in key, cutting edge areas such as digital humanities, medical humanities, public humanities, and environmental humanities.

Research and Resources

Explore some of the featured projects led by our campus humanities researchers.

Programming and Events

The Humanities Initiative organizes an array of events to initiate new interdisciplinary research, foster dialogue, promote humanities research on campus, and engage our communities. To learn more about HI programming as well as other humanities events on campus, click the links below.

Humanities Initiative Events

Learn more about our Humanities Initiative programming and events and see our archive of past programming

Other Campus Humanities Events

Explore other campus humanities-related events

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