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Representing a diverse swath of backgrounds, we are here to prepare you for whatever your future goals entail. Complete with an innovative Math Learning Success Center, renowned faculty, and a variety of courses that help to prepare learners for the future and engage in the exciting applications of mathematics.


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Discover how adding math to your plan will give you practical skills and help your resume to stand out. 


See which of our two degree programs (M.S. or Ph.D.) will help you to achieve your goals.

Math Placement Exam

Prepare to take the Math Placement Exam to be able to enroll in your MATH course.

Undergraduate Degree Options

General Track

Offering the widest possible mathematical breadth, the B.A. or B.S. that you can earn from this track is appropriate for virtually all mathematics majors. This is the recommended track for students intending to pursue an advanced degree. 

Secondary Teacher Certification

Preparing students to teach mathematics in high school, this option leads to a degree in mathematics and fulfillment of the course requirements for secondary mathematics teaching certification in Oklahoma. 

Applied Mathematics

Designed to prepare students for the wide variety of jobs available in government, business, and industry, this option emphasizes breadth across science and engineering courses related to mathematics. 

Actuarial and Financial Mathematics

Preserving the tradition mathematics has serving as an entry to actuarial careers, this option prepares you for the the larger role that mathematics  now plays in the world of banking and finance. 


Pre-Law and Pre-Medical Sciences options allow you to build a degree that will standout to top schools while also taking the classes that they traditionally require.


A logical supporting subject for majors in a wide variety of fields, our minor is very flexible and permits courses in a broad range of mathematical subjects.

Facilities and Resources.

Here to support you.
Check out a TI-83 for the semester or stop by for some top tier tutoring in an innovative and friendly atmosphere. Either way, we are here to help you succeed.





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