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Senior Honors Thesis

The Senior honors thesis provides an educational enhancement opportunity for interested students. Students work one-on-one with a mathematics professor to research and report on a mathematics topic not normally covered in the traditional undergraduate curriculum.

Completing a Senior Honors Thesis

Students considering this option should discuss the possibility with a mathematics advisor during their junior year. In the first semester of your senior year, enroll in HONR 3000. In this course you work with your advisor to develop and investigate a thesis topic. In your last semester enroll in MATH 4993 where the thesis is completed.


Honors Thesis Information


Recent Mathematics Theses

Year Student's Name Title of Project Advisor
2020 Joshua Ross Angle Structures and Normal Surfaces in Closed Pseudo-Manifolds Neil Hoffman
2019 Isaiah DeHoyos Color Symmetry in the Platonic Solids Lisa Mantini
2019 Nikole Heon Graphs and Rhythmic Canons in Musical Composition Jay Schweig
2019 Jeffry Howard Impossibilities Proved by Galois Theory Anand Patel
2019 Morgan McCaskey Analyzing Student Understanding of Linear Function Concepts After Completing Basic Algebra Coursework Lisa Mantini
2018 Tucker Feix Two Methods for Triangulating Hyperbolic Punctured Spheres Neil Hoffman
2018 Anna Hurlbut The Enigma Cipher Machine Paul Fili
2018 Nicholas Nelsen On partial differential equations modified with fractional operators and integral transformations Jiahong Wu
2018 Field Watts Introducing a Fellows Writing Program to Aid Writing Instruction in Mathematics Lisa Mantini
2017 Timothy Alland Pattern Avoidance Criteria for Fiber Bundles on Schubert Varieties Edward Richmond
2017 Kelsea Hull P-adic Numbers and the Local-to-Global Principle Paul Fili
2017 Kameron McCombs "M" Arc Diagrams and Their Relationship to Borel's Triangle Jeffrey Mermin
2017 Mitchell Meyer Investigating the Energy of Musical Chords Paul Fili
2016 Gregory Beauregard The Internal Set Theory Approach to Nonstandard Analysis Paul Fili
2016 Ryan Burkhart The Absolute Galois Gropu as a Profinite Group Paul Fili
2016 Austin Warner A Group-Theoretic Interpretation of Margolus Neighborhood Cellular Automata Henry Segerman
2015 Jeanine Gibson Radius of Convergence for Complex Newton's Method Alan Noell
2015 Martha Gipson Betti Numbers of Edge Ideals of Cyclic Graphs Chris Francisco
2015 James Hartford Development and Replication of the UTeach Model Henry Segerman
2015 Harrison Schroeder The Congruent Number Problem and Elliptic Curves Paul Fili
2015 Joshua Whitman A Theorem of Wiener David Ullrich
2015 Nina Williams EQUIVALENCE CLASSES OF GL(p) X GL(q) ORBITS IN THE FLAG VARIETY OF gl(p + q,C) Leticia Barchini
2014 Anna Gunther Student Performance, Experiences, and Persistence with Observed Teaching Methods in Honors Calculus I Lisa Mantini
2014 R. Maxwell Jeter The Existence of a Continuous Function whose Fourier Series Diverges at a Point David Ullrich
2014 Andrew Noel Using the Thue-Morse Sequence to Generate a New Set of Solutions for the Prouhet-Tarry-Escott Problem Andrei Pavelescu
2014 Collin Nolte Topics in Numerical Analysis: Gaussian Quadrature Yanqiu Wang
2013 Cynthia Lane Constructing the Whitheead Link Complement in Hyperbolic Space Jesse Johnson
2011 James Bishop Game Theory David Wright
2010 Lauren Smith Tiling the Plane with Equilateral Pentagons Lisa Mantini
2010 Markus Vasquez Algebraic Construction of Sodoku Solutions Chris Francisco, Anthony Kable, Lisa Mantini
2009 Carlos Bernal Isomorphisms of the Rotational Symmetry Groups of the Platonic Solids Lisa Mantini
2009 John Knorr Sodoku Solutions as Linear Maps Lisa Mantini
2008 Michelle Leonard Knots and Their Polynomials Benny Evans
2008 Ann Nawotka Calculus Advanced Placement:  How Does It Add Up? Jim Choike
2007 Robert C. Foster Precise Ford Regions of Cyclic Kleinian Groups David Wright
2007 Kelsey Miller Can Red Rock Count? Numeracy in Canines John Wolfe
2006 Cameron Fincher Symmetry and Sodoku Lisa Mantini
2006 Michael B. Kelly Automorphisms of Finite Groups David Wright
2005 David Paige On the Finite Radon Transform Lisa Mantini
2005 Amit Sharma Ultraspherical Harmonics Birne Binegar
2004 Nathan Pennington Inversion of the Finite Radon Transform Lisa Mantini
2002 W. Graham Mueller Projective Solution Spaces of the Genus Two Surface William Jaco
2002 Mario White Symmetries of the Regular solids and Buckyball Lisa Mantini
2001 Nicholas Nerren Expressing Natural Numbers as the Sum of Squares and Triangles David Wright
2001 Brent Scharetung Wavelet Theory and Applications David Wright
1999 Charles Ratliff Maxwell's Equations and the Conformal Group Lisa Mantini
1998 Shanna Hull Kersh Learning the Basics:  A Case Study of Eighth Grade Mathematics Education in Oklahoma John Wolfe
1998 Jeffery Whitworth Eigenvalues and Diagonalizability of Totally Nonnegative, Irreducible Matrices Lisa Mantini
1996 Michael Holcomb On Primary Decomposition of Monomial Ideals Sheldon Katz
1994 Chia Sien Lim Finite Groups and Their Representations Alan Adolphson
1993 Susan Thompson Tests and Comparisons of Two Mathematical Models for Species Distribution Jim Choike and Lisa Mantini
1992 Michael Oehrtman Inversion of an Integral Transform Lisa Mantini
1992 Jennifer Williams Constructability of the Regular Polygons Sheldon Katz


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