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Andrew Belton

Assistant Professor
African American Literature, Aesthetics, Comparative Literature, Critical Theory & Cultural Studies, Black Study & Hip-Hop

William Decker

Regents Professor
American Literature, Ethnicities and color lines, Critical Race Theory, Literature of travel and migration, 

Richard Frohock

Early American Literature, Early Caribbean Literature, 18th-Century British Literature 

Elizabeth Grubgeld

Regents Professor, Director of Literature
Modern British and Irish literature, Autobiography/ Life Writing, Critical Disability 

Cailey Hall

Assistant Professor
18th and 19th-century British literature, Romanticism, Food Studies, Medical Humanities, Fan cultures

Katherine Hallemeier

Associate Professor
Postcolonial Literature, Contemporary Anglophone African fiction, Studies in Cosmopolitanism and Human Rights, Affect 

Lisa Hollenbach

Assistant Professor
Post-1900 American Literature, Poetry and Poetics, Sound

Alyssa Hunziker

Assistant Professor
Native American and Indigenous Literatures, U.S. Empire, Transnational American Studies, Settler Colonial

Shelby Johnson

Assistant Professor
The Global 18th Century, Early Native American, Indigenous, Early African Diaspora, and Caribbean Studies, Ecocriticism, Queer Theory, Sexuality

Edward Jones

Regents Professor
John Milton and the English Civil War, 17th-Century British Literature, Archival records of the English church, Diplomatic 

Timothy Murphy

Regents Professor
Modern & contemporary fiction, Critical Theory, Science fiction & fantasy, Science Studies, Music & Literature 

Chelsea Silva

Assistant Professor
Middle English literature, Medical Humanities, Disability Studies, Manuscript Studies, History of

Lindsey Claire Smith

Associate Professor
American Indian Studies, Global Indigenous Studies, Racial

Lindsay Wilhelm

Assistant Professor
Victorian literature, Aestheticism and Decadence, History of Science, Pacific and global

Creative Writing

Sarah Beth Childers

Assistant Professor
Creative Nonfiction (lyric and narrative essays, memoir, linked essay collections),

Janine Joseph

Associate Professor
Poetry, Libretti, Undocumented Immigration and Immigration Literatures, Creative

Lisa Lewis

Professor, Director of Creative Writing
Poetry Writing, Gender and Women's Studies, Contemporary Literature

Aimee Parkison

Fiction Writing, Experimental Prose, Women’s and Gender 

Rhetoric and Writing Studies

An Cheng

English for Specific Purposes (ESP), English for Academic Purposes (EAP), Genre-based Professional Writing

Joshua Daniel

Associate Professor, FYC Director
Game/Software Studies, Writing Program

Stephanie Jones

Assistant Professor, Associate Director of Composition
African American Rhetoric, Afrofuturist and Black Feminism, Africana, Black Digital Rhetoric, Multimodal Composition, Video Game Studies

Lynn C. Lewis

Associate Professor, Director RWS
Visual and Digital Rhetoric, Rhetoric Theory, Pedagogy and Writing in Traditional and Digital Environments, New Media Studies

Anna Sicari

Assistant Professor
Writing Center Theory, Pedagogy, and Administration, Feminist Theory and Research Methods, Composition Theory and

Screen Studies

Jeff Menne

Professor, Department Head, Director of Film Studies
US and Latin American Cinema, Experimental Media, Critical Theory 

Stacy Takacs

American Studies, Cultural Studies, TV and Media Studies, Popular Culture, Contemporary American Literature and Culture

Graig Uhlin

Associate Professor
Ecocinema, Environmental Aesthetics, Cinema of Anthropocenecene, David Fincher, Film Theory, Film rhythm, French film history 

TESOL and Linguistics

Michael Amory

Assistant Professor
Classroom discourse, Second language pedagogy and practice, L2 teacher professional development, Vygotskian Sociocultural

Nancy J. Caplow

Associate Professor
Phonetics and phonology, stress, tonogenesis, Tibetan dialects, functional / cognitive linguistics

An Cheng

English for Specific Purposes (ESP), English for Academic Purposes (EAP), Genre-based Professional Writing

Stephanie Link

Associate Professor
Computer Assisted Language Learning, Corpus-based genre pedagogy, Writing and technology 

Carol Moder

Professor, Director of TESOL
Applied Linguistics & TESOL, Discourse Analysis, Cognitive Linguistics, Language 

Interdisciplinary Faculty

Reanae McNeal

PhD, Texas Woman’s University: African Native American Women’s Literature, Rhetorics, and Activism
Office: Classroom Building 413405-744-9474

Teaching Associate Professors

Dinah Cox

PhD, Oklahoma State University: Creative Writing (Fiction) 
Office: M109

Eric D. Howerton

PhD, University of Houston: Creative Writing - Fiction, Literature, Composition
Office: Morrill 104D

Teaching Assistant Professors

Ho'omana Nathan Horton

PhD, Oklahoma State University, TESOL/Linguistics
Office: Morrill 109A

Sara Loss

PhD, University of Minnesota: Linguistics
Office: Morrill 311

Ariel Ross

PhD, Emory University, Comparative Literature
Office: Morrill 4th floor

Richard Sears

PhD, Indiana University, Bloomington Early Modern Literature and British Literature
Office: Morrill 4th floor

Ryan Slesinger

PhD, University of Tulsa, 20th Century American Literature
Office: Morrill 309B

Lecturers and Visiting Assistant Professors

Rafael Hernandez

PhD, University of Florida, 19th and 20th Century British Literature
Office: Morrill 4th floor

Alex Hughes

PhD, Oklahoma State University, Creative Writing, Fiction
Office: Morrill 4th floor

"Jonsey" Bryan L. Jones

PhD, Oklahoma State University, Rhetoric and Composition 
Office: Morrill 4th floor

Frances M. Junnier

PhD, Oklahoma State University, Applied Linguistics
Office: Morrill Hall, 4th floor

Kendall Klym

PhD, University of Wales, Aberystwyth, English, Creative Writing – Fiction
Office: Morrill Hall 302

Josiah Meints

PhD, Oklahoma State University, Rhetoric and Composition
Office: Morrill 4th floor

Daniel Morse

PhD, University of Edinburgh, 20th Century Transnational, Immigrant & Multiethnic Writing
Office: Morrill 4th floor

Cynthia A. Rogers

PhD, Indiana University, Medieval Literature 
Office: Morrill 309B

Jason Sperb

PhD, Indiana University, Film and Media Studies
Office: Morrill 4th floor

Jessica Turcat

PhD, Oklahoma State University, Poetry and Gender & Women's Studies
Office: Classroom Building 413

Seth Wood

PhD, Emory University, 19th Century American Literature, Literary Theory, and Pedagogy
Office:  Morrill 4th floor

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