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Online Course Development


A stipend is available for course development. To receive the stipend, new instructors should complete the online course design process, including department head approval:

The CAS Online Development Course is required for new online instructors. This course is designed to inform CAS instructors of the high-quality standards CAS has for its online courses, and provide tips and strategies to prepare and deliver a CAS online course offering. No previous online experience required. The course is self-paced and will take approximately 10-15 hours to complete.
Faculty do not need to complete the CAS Online Development Course more than once. Instead, schedule a meeting with Dr. Barnes to discuss a new course offering to meet the requirements for the online course development stipend. 

The stipend is $1000/credit hour to a maximum of $3,000 (one-half paid at the end of the first semester the course is offered and the remainder after the third offering).


Promotional Support

Outreach promotes online courses on the bulletin boards campus wide, A-frames, on the website and social media and notifies all advisors. Additional graphics, such as a Canvas course thumbnail and page banner can be provided upon request. Instructors can ensure increased enrollment by helping to promote their courses. 


Technical Support

CAS Web Services provides educational equipment and software access.

ITLE has a great faculty support team that’s always willing to help. For additional support for online courses, multimedia, educational technologies and Canvas call 405-744-1000 or email The help desk is another resource and can be reached at

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