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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ROTC?

  • AFROTC stands for Air Force Reserve Officer’s Training Corps. This is a 3-4 year program candidates go through on the road to commissioning into the Air Force as an Active Duty Officer.
  • To find more details about AFROTC, head to the official website.
  • You must have a minimum of three years left in school to join. These may include years in a graduate degree program.

Why join Detachment 670?

Clayton on the pushup board at an OSU ballgame

The home of the Flyin’ Cowboys provides a unique and one-of-a-kind AFROTC experience. With our "Student First, Cadet Always" approach, this program not only provides cadets with the tools to become the leaders of tomorrow, but provides a common space where life-long friendships can form.




How do I apply?

  • There is NO application. Instead, talk to your OSU advisor about enrolling in Aerospace Studies (“AERO”) courses.
  • Freshman need to enroll in the Fall AERO 1111 course. This will put you on our list and we will reach out to you over the summer to inform you about in-processing and orientation. If you are joining in the Spring semester of your freshman year, enroll in AERO 1211 course. You will have to enroll in AERO 1111 and 2111 fall of your sophomore year to catch up on the freshman classes you missed.
  • Sophomores will need to enroll in AERO 1111 and 2111 to get started in the program and will do their freshman/sophomore classes together (both 1 hr classes).
  • Crosstown students: You will enroll in all your classes at your respective college and enroll at OSU as a “non-degree seeking student” through an OSU advisor. Your classes will be held on Thursdays along with LLAB (4:30-6:30pm) so you only drive to campus once a week.
  •  For more information of what these classes entail, go to the OSU course catalog.

How much time will ROTC take up?

  • While time commitment is dependent upon cadet involvement, here at Det 670, we live up to the motto "Student First, Cadet Always."
  • Freshman/Sophomore: AS class (1 hr), PT (2x a week for 1 hr) and LLAB (4:30-6:30pm every Thursday).
  • Junior/Senior: The same time commitment as above except your AS class will be 3 credit hours and you will have a POC (upperclassmen) job at the detachment. 

How do I become a pilot?

  • Please visit the Air Force careers website to find out about all the job opportunities.
  • You will meet a board your junior year and will compete with other AFROTC cadets across the nation for pilot positions. There is no “average” number of pilot positions given out each year.
  • It doesn’t matter what your degree is in order to apply for a pilot slot. It just matters that you have a high GPA and fitness level.
  • Tech vs. non-tech degrees? Yes, the AF tends to favor tech degrees over non-tech degrees, but not if you have a low GPA.
  • Contracts/commitments are all different depending on what job you get. Pilot=10 year commitment, Intelligence=4 year, etc. It’s all different.

Are there scholarship opportunities?

Wing Staff


Yes, scholarships are available to compete for starting the spring semester of your freshman year. Criteria include medically qualified, GPA qualified, PFA (physical fitness assessment) qualified.






What are the PT requirements?

  • Cadets are required to attend two PT sessions per week, and must score a minimum 85% on the Physical Fitness Assessment (PFA). See the PFA standard.

Can I still be involved with other clubs/organizations?

  • Det 670 strongly encourages its cadets to engage in campus culture and extracurricular activities outside of AFROTC. Whether this means participating in the student body, being in a sorority or fraternity, or volunteering with local organizations, our detachment’s "Student First, Cadet Always" mindset allows for flexibility in student life.

What is a crosstown cadet and how is it different?

  • A crosstown cadet is a student that attends another university aside from OSU full-time, and they participate as an active cadet in AFROTC. The experience is different because crosstown cadets have both AS class and LLAB on the same day to make only one trip to Stillwater in the week.
  • Crosstown students: You will enroll in all your classes at your respective college and enroll at OSU as a “non-degree seeking student” through an OSU advisor. Your classes will be held on Thursdays along with LLAB (4:30-6:30pm) so you only drive to campus once a week.

Detachment 670 Crosstown Participating Schools

      • OSU - Tulsa
      • University of Tulsa
      • Langston University
      • Oral Roberts University
      • Rogers State University
      • Tulsa Community College
      • Northern Oklahoma College
      • University of Central Oklahoma
      • Oklahoma Wesleyan University

If you attend one of the above schools and wish to participate in AFROTC, you may! To do so, you must apply and get accepted to OSU-Stillwater as a "non-degree seeking" student. This will allow you to register for your respective Aerospace Studies course each semester, to fulfill the mandatory AFROTC curriculum requirements. You will be required to commute to OSU-Stillwater weekly for class and LLAB (usually on the same day) while accomplishing physical training requirements at your school of attendance. For more information, please contact us.

How can I succeed in this program?

  • Get involved! For more ways to get involved, check out extracurriculars offered at Det 670 such as Arnold Air Society and Pershing Rifles.

When will I be contracted?

  • You will not be contracted until the summer after your sophomore year, unless you earn a scholarship. Scholarship cadets are contracted right away in order to activate a scholarship.
  • You will be contracted BEFORE you know what your AF job will be when you graduate.
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