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Start the MS BAnDS program your Senior Year!

Applications Due: April 15, 2024
The OSU College of Arts and Sciences and Spears School of Business Accelerated MSBAnDS program allows students to finish a master's degree in Business Analytics and Data Science in as little as on year of completing a bachelor's degree.
This pathway unlocks robust career opportunity for analyst and data scientist positions and eliminates the challenge of going back to school after launching into a career.

Application Process

To apply for the MS in BAnDS degree, you must be enrolled in an undergraduate College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) degree program with preference given to students who are comfortable with (but not limited to) mathematics, statistics, logic, computer programming, etc.


Fall of Junior Year


Explore and Prepare

  1. Inquire with CAS Career Services if this is a good fit for you
  2. Print, fill out and have your advisor sign the Advisor Clearance Form
  3. Prepare/take the GRE or GMAT
  4. Confirm with your CAS academic advisor the clearance form has reached the Watson Graduate School of Management


Spring of Junior Year


Meet Requirements

  1. Official transcript with a minimum 3.0 GPA on coursework completed at OSU
  2. Must have 90 credit hours completed toward your bachelor's degree at the end of your spring semester
  3. Submit GRE or GMAT score


Prepare Your Materials

  1. Three letters of professional recommendation
  2. Statement of goals and objectives
  3. Vita/Resume


Review Your Materials with Career Services

Seek assistance with your statement of goals, resume and tips for the interview



Submit Your Application

Apply Now



Interview with the MS BAnDS Program

Interviews are guaranteed for CAS students with a 3.0 or higher


Senior Year

Start BAnDS courses while finishing your bachelor’s degree



Up to 7 MS in BAnDS hours

BAN 5733 Descriptive Business Analytics and BAN 5560 Research and Communications I (1 credit hour) are required



Up to 7 MS in BAnDS hours (not surpassing an overall total of 11 hours both terms)

BAN 5743 Predictive Business Analytics and BAN 5560 Research and Communications II (1 credit hour) are required



Up to 6 MS in BAnDS hours (suggested for anyone who didn't max out at 11 hours during senior year) 

Graduate Year

Finish MS in BAnDS coursework





13 MS in BAnDS hours



13 MS in BAnDS hours



(only if necessary)

The MS BAnDS Program charges a professional graduate program fee of $250 per semester when a student is enrolled in any graduate level business courses. This fee will be charged in the semester when the student is enrolled in BAN 5560 Research and Communications I & BAN 5560 Research and Communications II . Enrollment in any Spears Business courses may result in other requisite fees to be paid, similar to any other specialized coursework.


Reminder! Applications are due April 15, 2024

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