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Study Abroad Course FAQ

  • What is a CAS Faculty-Led Study Abroad course?

    The College of Arts and Sciences offers study abroad courses, usually 3 credit hours, which have an international travel component. We may offer spring break, May, summer or winter break programs. Courses generally require on-campus pre-departure and class meetings, outside of the travel dates, though there are some exceptions. Assignments and possible journals, papers, etc., will be required like any other OSU credit course.

  • How early should I be thinking about studying abroad?

    It’s recommended to start planning a year in advance, though final decisions can usually be made the semester prior. Planning ahead helps you save money and gives time to apply for a passport. You can check with your advisor on how the course can apply to your degree. All majors are able to enroll in our courses.

  • Will I need a passport or VISA?

    You will always need a passport on our programs when you travel out of the country. Make sure you get the booklet, not the card. If your passport expires within 6 months of the course's travel dates, you will need to renew it. You can apply or renew a passport here.


    For a VISA, that depends on the country you are traveling to. If a VISA is required by that country, we will have that information on the course site. If you are an international student, you need to check with your consulate and with the embassy in the country you are traveling to that you are able to travel with a VISA, or that you do not require additional paperwork.

  • How do I apply?

    Our courses will be listed on our CAS Study Abroad page here. Each course has its own page with the information and a link to apply, and it is possible you will need to meet with our Study Abroad Coordinator. You will apply for the course long before you actually enroll in it on Banner. You can also contact if you have any questions.

  • Do these courses have "I" or other designations?

    We generally offer programs with several types of designations, including “I”, “H”, and “D” among others. Not all courses will have designations. If there is one, it will be listed on the course page. Do not assume that you will automatically receive an “I” credit just because you traveled abroad, since that often has to be requested by the instructor beforehand. Make sure to check with your advisor on how this will apply towards your degree.

  • My major is not listed as one of your courses. Can I still enroll?

    Yes, any OSU student can apply. Our courses are generally not major specific, and most often have no prerequisites. They are not limited to just CAS students. Students from across campus travel with us. Please check with your advisor to see how these courses can apply to your degree.

  • How will studying abroad benefit me?
    Studying Abroad is more than just getting credit and seeing famous sites. It is a chance to explore the world with a group of peers to areas you might not visit on your own. You can gain experience in countries with diverse ideas and lifestyles, in an ever-globalizing world. Travel can help to broaden ideas of what a student might like to major in, or perhaps they might return to develop an international dimension to what they would like to do.


Scholarships and Costs

  • Are there scholarships available?

    Yes, there are scholarships available every year to our students. We have a CAS Study Abroad scholarship that anyone on our program can apply for. OSU also offers a Provost’s Study Abroad scholarship. You can find all current awards on our scholarship page.

  • What is included in the course costs?

    The course page will have more detail on your program costs. But generally they will include these items below:

    * Tuition

    * Housing

    * Course excursions and transportation

    * Some meals

    * Entry fees for site visits

    * Travel Insurance


    Sometimes airfare is included and sometimes the student is required to book their own flight. The course page will have information on what is included. OSU will also bill every student a $200 study abroad administration fee to their Bursar accounts.

  • Can I receive financial aid?

    Yes, you are still eligible for federal financial aid since this is an OSU course, and will show in your hours like any other program. Please check with the financial aid office, and with any outside scholarship providers you have, to make sure your funding will still apply.

  • Does block tuition apply to my study abroad program?

    Study Abroad courses are not included in a block rate. So the semester that you travel on a study abroad course, the Bursar does not bill you block tuition. Instead they charge you per credit hour for the entire semester, so that you are not unfairly penalized for taking a study abroad program. You can find out more on the block rate information page.

  • Does the program include travel insurance?

    Yes, OSU requires that all participants have our travel insurance, and it is automatically included in your course costs. You can find more information on the insurance here.


    OSU recommends students keep their own health insurance policy as well.


Travel Questions

  • Can I travel on my own while abroad, outside of the group?
    All students are required to take part in all group activities and travel, as it is a required part of the course. If there is free time in your area, a faculty member or group leader will be available, and we always recommend that no one travel alone, but always in groups
  • What happens if my flight is delayed or my luggage lost?

    Please work with your airline to discuss options for your next flight, or baggage claim area. Notify your instructor/group leader that your flight has been delayed or cancelled. You should also contact the 24/7 Travel Assistance Services – Gallagher Global Assistance, from

    your travel insurance.

    1-866-693-6873 (Toll-Free)

    1-312-935-9242 (Direct Dial)

  • Who do I contact in case I must visit a hospital or doctor?

    Please let our instructor/group leader know, and then call the 24/7 Travel Assistance Services – Gallagher Global Assistance, from your travel insurance. They can assist you in possible pre-payment, and in finding a hospital in your area.

    Note that insurance often reimburses costs after the fact, so be prepared to have emergency funding available, such as a credit card, just in case.

    1-866-693-6873 (Toll-Free)

    1-312-935-9242 (Direct Dial)

  • What if my passport is lost or stolen?

    Please let your instructor/group leader know, and then contact the nearest U.S. Embassy or Consulate.

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