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CAS Introductory Geological Processes

Travel dates: Occasional day trips and a few overnight, Fall 2024.
This course is intended to introduce students to geological processes and foundational concepts within the geosciences, primarily through field-based instruction and exercises, as well as introducing students to the geology of Oklahoma. It satisfies the introductory course requirement for GEOL majors, but those with interest in the geosciences or who are considering a major may be admitted upon request and approval with the instructor(s). Topics covered include:
• Field geological observation
• The lithosphere: minerals, rocks, and structure
• The hydrosphere: surface processes and groundwater
• The biosphere: fossils and life throughout geologic time
• The atmosphere: weathering, energy resources, and climate change
For information about the course requirements, please email Dr. Brandon Spencer at

Program Details

Course Number:
GEOL 1214 (4 credit hours)
CRN: 71523
Instructor: Dr. Brandon Spencer
Course Dates: August 19 - December 6, 2024
Travel Dates:  This course requires several small day trips on Friday afternoons to sites in Oklahoma. There will also be three overnight weekend stays for the program. All trips are included in the normal course tuition and fees. For more information on the itinerary, please contact Dr. Brandon Spencer at
  • Overnight dates include:
    • 08/30-9/1/24
    • 09/27-09/29/24
    • 10/18-10/20/24

Course Program CostsSee below for details of payment schedule

OSU Six Credit Hours Tuition & Fees:  $1,364.70

Billing will be put on the OSU Bursar in August, with Fall 2024 billing.

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