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Graduate Studies

in Statistics
Our department boasts internationally recognized research programs in high dimensional data analysis, multiple comparisons, design of experiments, biostatistics, bioinformatics, genetic statistics, Bayesian statistics and many more. The program also provides students opportunities to work with faculty as teaching and research assistants.

Master's and Ph.D. Programs

Master's of Applied Statistics

This degree requires 32 hours of coursework. It consists of two courses in analytics, two courses in experimental data analysis, two courses in applied mathematical statistics, one course in computer programming with SAS and R, a creative component capstone course and three electives. Courses are offered online annually. Sequences of required courses can be taken in any order or concurrently.

Applied Statistics, M.S. Online Applied Statistics, M.S.

Master's of Statistics

This two-year program consists of four required core theory courses, required applied courses in experimental data analysis, analytics and statistical programming, and electives. The degree also requires an M.S. report, M.S. thesis or with departmental approval, a passing score on a comprehensive exam (Ph.D. preliminary exam).

Statistics, M.S.

Doctorate in Statistics

This degree is composed of five core courses beyond the M.S. in statistics. A total of 60- or 72-credit hours beyond an M.S. degree or 90-hours beyond the B.S. degree are required.

Statistics, Ph.D.

Graduate Minor in Statistics

This program is for students who are enrolled in another graduate program at OSU (students enrolled in another statistics graduate program are not eligible). A total of 18 STAT 5023 level or higher courses are required. No more than six transfer credit hours are allowed. For an additional 12 hours of coursework and a creative component, students may be able to earn the Applied Statistics M.S. degree.

Graduate Minor in Statistics

Opportunities and Help

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See available scholarships for graduate students.

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Statistics Learning and Instruction Center (SLIC)

Need Help? Staffed by statistics graduate and undergraduate upper-classmen students, SLIC offers homework assistance, test preparation and study support to students enrolled in statistical methods courses.


Teaching Assistantships

Only available for students in the Statistics M.S. and Ph.D. programs. Apply by February 15

Graduate Coordinator
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