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Study Abroad Scholarships

Studying Abroad can be a life changing experience, and sometimes students need help with finances for the trip. Here are some scholarship opportunities for students traveling on the Arts and Sciences Faculty-Led Study Abroad courses. We encourage all students, regardless of financial status, to apply.

We also recommend speaking with your individual departments to see if there are any scholarship opportunities available for students in your major. You can also speak with the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid to see what funding options you might have available.

Short-Term Study Abroad Scholarship Opportunities

CAS First-Time Study Abroad Scholarship

  • All majors are eligible for this scholarship, but you must be enrolled in an Arts and Sciences faculty-led Study Abroad course for 2019-2020.
  • Complete the application online.
  • Write a statement of 500 words explaining your need for the award and why you are interested in studying abroad.
  • Priority is given to students who demonstrate financial need.
  • You cannot have previously taken a for-credit study abroad course.
  • Award estimated value: $1,000 or $2,000.
    • NOTE: Students who receive the award are required to submit 2-3 paragraphs with the meaning and impact of their study abroad experience, a short testimonial, as well as a personal thank you note.


  • Spring Break students: The deadline for this application has passed.
  • May/Summer students: The deadline for this application has passed.


Arts and Sciences Study Abroad Scholarship

  • All majors are eligible for this scholarship.
  • Complete the application online.
  • Must be enrolled in a CAS faculty-led Study Abroad course for 2019-2020.
  • Priority is given to students who demonstrate financial need.
  • Award estimated value: $500


  • Winter Break/Spring Break: Deadline has already passed.
  • Summer/Fall: Deadline has already passed.


Provost's Study Abroad Scholarship

  • Fill out the application online.
  • Priority is given to undergraduate or graduate students with demonstrated financial need
  • Applicants must apply through the OSU online application system to a credit-bearing activity abroad
  • Applicants must be citizens or permanent residents of the U.S.
  • Award estimated value: $350 - $750


  • Spring Break/Winter Break: Deadline has already passed.
  • Summer/Fall 2020: Deadline has already passed.


Long-Term Study Abroad Scholarship Opportunities

Bailey Family Memorial Trust

To provide scholarship support for full-time OSU students, regardless of their major field of study, to study the liberal arts at a recognized university outside of the U.S. Since the first awards were made for the 1985-86 academic year, nearly two million dollars has been expended from the trust, allowing over two hundred students to study in 34 different countries.

For more information on the Bailey Family Memorial Trust click here. 

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