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Research Team

Graduate Students

Adrienne Jones headshot

Adrienne Jones, Research Master's Student, 2023

Adrienne is from Ponca City, OK.

I am currently studying anaerobic gut fungi across many herbivores, but primarily across a lifespan of temporal calves. I do this using a variety of bioinformatic techniques to discover and understand the role that novel organisms have in animal gut mycobiomes.


Casey Meili headshot

Casey Meili, Research Master's Student, 2023

Casey is from Cetennial CO.

I am studying anaerobic gut fungi in herbivorous animals using bioinformatics in hopes of discovering novel AGF genera and understanding the evolutionary history of these genera. I am also interested in what factors contribute to gut mycobiome diversity between different herbivore species.



Emma Mills headshot

Emma Mills, Post-Baccalaureate Student, 2023

Emma joined the lab in June 2023 after earning her BS in Integrative Biology at Northeastern State University.  She is studying ancient DNA from lake sediment cores, through the new ON-RaMP (NSF Oklahoma Network - Research and Mentoring for Postbaccalaureates in Biological Sciences) program at OSU.




Undergraduate Students

Emma England headshot


Emma England, Undergraduate Student, 2023

Emma is a junior from Owasso, OK majoring in Microbiology and Cell/Molecular Biology. She joined the lab in January 2023. She is currently working to isolate novel and "extinct" fungal taxa and assess oxygen tolerance across multiple AGF genera.





Ella McReynolds headshot


Ella McReynolds, Undergraduate Student, 2023

Ella is a junior studying Microbiology. She joined the lab in January 2023 and received the Niblack Scholarship for 2023-2024. Her project focuses on Acidobacteria, specifically the characteristics that make these bacteria fit to live in certain environments.

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