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Jason Belden

Department Head
Environmental Toxicology, Ecotoxicology
Dr. Belden's Lab

Matthew Bolek

Associate Professor
Parasite Ecology, Evolutionary Parasitology, Aquatic Parasitology
Dr. Bolek's Lab

Desiré Buckley

Assistant Professor
Environmental Toxicology, Genetics, Physiology, Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders, Neurobiology, Genetics, Zebra Fish, Gene-Environment Interactions
Dr. Buckley's Lab

Uriel Buitrago

Teaching Assistant Professor
Education, Evolution, Systematics, Fish Morphology, Phylogeography

Elisa Casadei

Assistant Professor
Physiology, Anthropogenic Stressors, Microbiome, Mucosal Immunology, Antimicrobial Peptides, Fish Health

Andrew Dzialowski

Ecology, Aquatic Ecology, Invasive Species, Zooplankton Community Structure, Reservoir Ecology

Zachary Emberts

Assistant Professor
Behavioral Ecology, Macroevolution, Insects
Dr. Emberts' Lab

Jennifer Grindstaff

Physiology, Animal Behavior, Ecological Immunology, Maternal Effects, Maternal Antibody Transmission, Avian Biology, Behavioral Ecology
Dr. Grindstaff's Lab

Moria Harmon

BIOL1111 Lab Coordinator
208 Life Sciences West

Luke Hoekstra

Visiting Assistant Professor
Evolution, Genetics

Puni Jeyasingh

Ecology, Evolution, Genetics, Limnology, Biogeochemistry

Richard Jones

Visiting Assistant Professor

Matthew Lovern

Associate Dean at the Graduate College
Associate Professor
Animal Behavior, Behavioral Endocrinology, Comparative Physiology

Barney Luttbeg

Behavioral Ecology, Theoretical Ecology, Predator-prey Interactions, Mate Choice, Plasticity

Fabio Machado

Assistant Professor
Curator of Vertebrates (COV)
Evolution, Morphology, Morphometrics, Macroevolution, Mammals
Dr. Machado's Lab

Liz McCullagh

Assistant Professor
Behavior, Physiology, Autism, Neurobiology, Sound Localization, Model Organisms

Scott McMurry

Regents Professor
Behavior, Ecology, Environmental Stressors, Wildlife Toxicology, Animal Behavior

Matteo Minghetti

Associate Professor
Environmental Toxicology, Physiology, Metal homeostasis, fish physiology, cell biology, molecular ecotoxicology
Dr. Minghetti's Lab

Michael Reichert

Associate Professor
Evolution, Behavioral Ecology, Animal Communication, Sexual Selection, Bioacoustics

Ciaran Shaughnessy

Assistant Professor
Physiology, Endocrinology, Evolution, Ion Transport, Osmoregulation, Neuroendocrinology, Cystic Fibrosis

Patrick Stephens

Assistant Professor
Ecology, Evolution, Macroecology of Infectious Diseases, Large-scale Patterns of Biodiversity, Vertebrate Evolutionary Ecology, Phylogenetics
Dr. Stephens' Lab

Mary Towner

Associate Professor
Behavior, Evolution, Human Behavioral Ecology, Biological Anthropology, Evolutionary Medicine

Ron Van Den Bussche

Senior Associate Vice President for Research
Regents Professor
Curator of Frozen Tissues
Evolution, Genetics, Phylogenetics, Phylogeography, Conservation Genetics, Genomics

Bruce Waldman

Behavioral Ecology, Conservation Biology, Disease Ecology, Ecotoxicology, Evolution
Dr. Waldman's Lab

Jodie Wiggins

Teaching Assistant Professor
Behavior, Education, Evolution, Genetics, Physiology

Will Wiggins

Teaching Assistant Professor
Nutritional Ecology, Carnivores, Behavior

Shawn Wilder

Associate Professor
Behavior. Ecology, Physiology, Nutritional Ecology, Carnivore Biology, Food Webs
Dr. Wilder's Lab

Guin Wogan

Assistant Professor
Ecology, Evolution, Genetics, Eco-Evolutionary, Speciation, and Landscape Genomics, Adaptive Radiations

Bo Zhang

Assistant Professor
Ecology, Plant Ecology, Theoretical Ecology, Movement Ecology, Biological Invasion
Dr. Zhang's Lab


Nancy Coleman

Sr. Financial Assistant
501 Life Sciences West

Jamie Cooper

Academic Advisor II
Advising last names: Q–Z
513 Life Sciences West

Libby Howard

Academic Advisor
Advising last names: G–M and all UCRT-PMDS students
501 Life Sciences West

Aaron Kidd

ON-RaMP Program Coordinator
536 Life Sciences West

Gertie Mulder

Administrative Associate
501 Life Sciences West

Taylor Neighbors

Sr. Admin Support Specialist
501 Life Sciences West

Sheri Orr

Senior Academic Advisor II
Advising last names: N-P
Physical Sciences 117A

Vicki Rhodey

Senior Academic Advisor II
Advising last names: A–F
503 Life Sciences West

Emeritus Faculty

Anthony A. Echelle

Regents Professor Emeritus
Fish Biology, Molecular/Biochemical Systematics, Population Structure, Conservation Biology

Stanley F. Fox

Regents Professor Emeritus
Curator of Herpetology
Behavioral Ecology, Evolutionary Ecology, Herpetology

Donald French

Professor Emeritus
Science Education, Behavioral Ecology, Fish, Invertebrates

Meredith J. Hamilton

Associate Professor Emeritus
Molecular Cytogenetics, Mammalian Chromosomal Evolution, Molecular Evolution, Repetitive DNA Sequences, Interface between Genetics and Conservation Biology

Karen McBee

Professor Emeritus
Mammalogy, Environmental Genetics, Wildlife Toxicology

Loren M. Smith

Regents Professor Emeritus
Wetland Ecology, Ecosystem Services,
Restoration Ecology, Playa Wetlands

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