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All prospective students planning to major or minor in music must audition for the music faculty. Students may choose to audition in-person on campus or by video submission. See below for our official audition dates and additional information for your instrument or musical area.

2024 Audition DatesPlease note certain instrument/music areas may not be offered during official audition dates. Refer to the Auditions FAQ below. 

Feb. 2

Feb. 3

Feb. 10

Piano Only
Feb. 17


Step-By-StepHow to Audition for the Greenwood School of Music

Step 1:

Apply to OSU


All prospective Undergraduate and Graduate students must apply to the University before they can schedule an audition with the Greenwood School of Music. 


UNDERGRAD admissions


GRADUATE Applications

Step 2:

Complete an Audition Form


Once you have applied & been accepted to OSU, it's time to schedule an audition!


All incoming students will need to complete the Greenwood School of Music Audition Form.


Undergrad Audition Request Form


Graduate Audition Request Form

Step 3:

Prepare for your Audition


We recommend starting early by taking the audition requirements to your music teacher. Prepare for your audition by bringing musical selections from our Audition Repertoire list that best showcases what you do well.  It is better to beautifully perform a piece that requires moderate skill, as opposed to giving a mediocre performance of a very difficult piece.


If submitting a video audition, it is not necessary to produce audition recordings in a professional studio. The most important aspect is that the sound quality of your recording is excellent, so find a good microphone and play your recording for multiple people before you submit it.


Audition Repertoire

Step 4:

Study for your Theory Placement Exam


Undergraduate students will take a theory placement exam the day of your audition. Students who are auditioning via video submission will take their placement exam via a proctored Zoom link. The exam will determine which theory course will best fit your skill level and does not affect your acceptance into the Greenwood School of Music.


You can take the test up to two times during your audition day. You will also be allowed to retake the test in May if you are not satisfied with you​r original scores.

Step 5:

Time to Audition


You will receive a confirmation email with your assigned audition date, time, and location, as well as any specific information on theory placement exams (undergraduate students only).


Make sure you show up on time and prepared! You got this!

Auditions FAQ

  • What if I can't attend any of the four in-person audition dates?

    If you are unable to attend any of the in-person audition dates, please email us at as soon as possible. We will try to work with you to schedule an audition at a later time with your applied area faculty. Please be aware that your audition must be completed by February 29 to be considered for a scholarship or out-of-state waivers.

  • Which instrument/music area has specific audition dates?

    For spring 2024 auditions, the following instrument/music areas have limited audition dates:

    • Piano auditions will only occur on Saturday, February 3 and Saturday, February 10 after the High School Piano Competition.

    • Horn and Trombone auditions will only occur on Saturday, February 17 or Friday, February 16 by appointment only.

    • Non-major/minor Percussion Auditions for OSU Drumline, please click here.


  • What should I bring?
    • Instrumental performance auditionees must bring their own instrument to their audition, with the exception of the piano and drumset.

    • All vocal performance auditionees must bring their cleanly copied music, hole-punched and placed in a binder. More information from the vocal area can be found here.

    • Composition applicants should bring their portfolio of work and be prepared to leave a hard copy with Dr. Karâca or provide a link to view all work online. 

    • Bring a relaxed and positive attitude! You got this!

  • What should I expect?
    • You can check in anytime between 8:30am and 4pm.

    • There are practice rooms available on the 1st and 2nd floors to warm up.

    • Auditions are about 10 to 20 minutes long, depending on your instrument or area. 

    • We'll have music service organizations in our lobby for you to meet with.

    • If you'd like a campus tour, contact Campus Tours

  • Do you offer Zoom auditions?

    The Greenwood School of Music primarily offers on-campus auditions for fall 2024 admission. This modality is subject to change based on inclement weather. For those unable to audition on campus, we offer a video submission option. 

  • What are the requirements for video audition submissions?
    Music Majors and Minors

    Videos must be at least 5 minutes for music major or music minor consideration. Please be sure to include full takes of pieces, as detailed in the repertoire list. Videos should feature the performer alone in a room without a live audience. Musicians must show a full-body frame with close-up shots of embouchure, hands and face. You should also include information about the instrument you’re playing. If you have questions about the video audition, please contact


    Cowboy Marching Band

    Videos should be 3-5 minutes in length for those auditioning only for the Cowboy Marching Band. Your audition should demonstrate both lyrical and technical abilities as a player. Some appropriate suggestions, but not requirements, may include regional or state audition music, études, band music, or solo and ensemble repertoire.


    Video Format

    Please use the following format to create a file name for your video: (example: PistolPete.clarinet.01.23.22)


    When you begin your video, please state:

    • Your full name
    • Where you are from (example - Pistol Pete High School, Stillwater, Oklahoma)
    • Why you are interested in music and/or the Cowboy Marching Band
    • What piece(s) you will be playing

    Please be sure to set the visibility to “Unlisted” on your videos when you upload it to YouTube. If they are set to private, we will not be able to view your audition videos.


    submit your video audition

  • I'm auditioning for piano... Can my competition performance count as an in-person audition?

    Yes! High school seniors participating in the Greenwood School of Music Piano Competition may elect to have their competition performance serve as their college audition. Students interested auditioning at GSM on Saturday, February 10, 2024 must also fill out an audition request form listed above in the How to Audition for the Greenwood School of Music Step-By-Step section. More information about the GSM Piano Competition can be found here:


    Greenwood School of Music Piano Competition

  • What is a Music Theory Placement Exam?

    This exam has been designed to meet the needs of music students at several levels, from entering freshmen music majors to transfer students and graduate students. It is in the student’s best interest to be placed into the appropriate level of music theory studies. 


    It is our goal that you succeed at your music studies at Greenwood School of Music. We want you to be placed into the classes that will benefit you the most. There is no advantage to being placed into a class that is too advanced, if you fail and fall behind in your degree plan. There is also no advantage to being placed into a class that you do not need. 


    This is a “placement exam.” It is designed to measure your knowledge and skills on a typical day. You should not cram for this exam. If you don’t know the answer to a question, skip it and move on to the next one. The more that can be determined about what you know and what you don’t know, the better the recommendation that can be made to your advisor. 


    After the exam, a recommendation will be sent to all music advisors, regarding which courses a student should enroll. Students will meet with an advisor to  discuss their degree plan and begin scheduling their classes for the upcoming semester.

  • Can I study for the Music Theory Placement Exam?

    We highly recommend studying and not cramming for the Music Theory Placement Exam. Students can study for their exam by signing up for a free account on


    Sign up for a free uTheory account

  • Where can I find information about scholarships and grants?

    For priority scholarship consideration, undergraduate students must complete their audition by February 28. This includes in-person and video auditions. Scholarship and grant information can be found here: 


    Scholarship Information

  • Where can I find more information about ensemble auditions?

    Ensembles are open to ALL OSU students regardless of major. Each ensemble is made of music and non-music majors. The ensembles are solely decided upon ability and auditions are required. More information can be found here:



  • I have questions that aren't answered on this page...

    No worries! Email us or give us a call at (405) 744-8999. We'd love to help you out! 


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