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Opening Doors...

Students who participate in an internship in their undergraduate careers often find invaluable experience in their chosen career field, not only by introducing them to real world experience, but also through learning a variety of practical skills and networking with others in the sociological fields. Students often find that engaging in an internship also opens doors for success in the workforce, and in applying for graduate school.
We encourage undergraduates to seek out Internships through the information provided below, as well as an adviser who can provide further resources or contacts in their internship interests.

Impactful Experiences...

Dylan is just one of the many examples of an how an internship can make an impact on a student's future.


Dylan Stratchan Headshot

Dylan was apart of Oklahoma State University’s Upward Bound Internship program as a Residential Intern over the summer. Upward Bound aims to help high school students from low-income or first-generation families get to college and be prepared to start a career. Dylan worked directly with these students to help them see what it is like to live on a college campus, include creating and maintaining a healthy environment for students to learn new subjects, running study halls, working with students on their homework, and spending time planning and executing fun activities for the students. This experience provided Dylan with opportunities to learn and understand the sociological theories that define the different factors within society that have an influence on a person’s educational and professional development.

- Dylan S.
Past Intern for OSU Upward Bound

Opportunities Await...

We encourage those interested in an internship opportunity, to browse through our directory of various organizations and business that have extended internship offers to our current and past students.

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