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Alumni Advisory Board

The Department of Political Science at Oklahoma State University has sought to extend the boundaries of our discipline and to contribute to a better understanding of political actors, institutions, and issues. To continue this tradition of excellence, the Department has established the Political Science Advisory Board to help strengthen and sustain its research, teaching, and service, as well as to improve its facilities, expand its financial resources, and serve its alumni.

Current Leadership

L. Michelle Sutton, President

Ryan Mahand, Vice-President
Amber Godfrey, Secretary
Scott Thompson, At-Large Representative

Barbie Swinton,  At-Large Representative
Joe Dorman, Mentoring and Networking Chair
Leo Jardot, Nominating and Maintenance Committee Co-Chair

Kerry Alexander, Nominating and Maintenance Committee Co-Chair
Paul Bohannon, Outreach and Fundraising Co-Chair

Jason Ramsey, Outreach and Fundraising Co-Chair


Statement of Purpose and Governing Document (Adopted: November 16, 2020; last amended: August 30, 2021)

Bylaws (coming soon)


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