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Why Political Science?

We ask big questions that matter to today's society.
How can we best promote democracy? Why do people vote the way they do? What are our modern security threats, and what policies work best for countering them? What feasible options exist to help us better address climate change? By studying the causes of political problems and the structure of governance, political science provides the tools to help students identify the source of these problems and the means to find solutions.

Our Programs

Undergraduate Studies

Political science students can choose between a general political science degree or choose a specialization in pre-law, global politics, or practical politics (campaigning, lobbying and policymaking). We also offer minors in political science, campaigns and lobbying, intelligence and security analysis, and law and legal studies.

Graduate Studies

Our department offers two M.A. programs. Peace, Conflict and Security Studies helps prepare for careers in intelligence, foreign policy, or international development, while those interested in American politics and/or careers in public administration or public policy analysis might instead be interested in Politics and Policy Studies.


Thanks to the generous support of donors, we are able to award several scholarships recognizing the top undergraduate students enrolled as political science majors.

About Us

Faculty, Staff, Alumni
Information to contact our faculty and staff and also information about the Alumni Advisory Board.
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