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Brianne Grothe

MFA Student, Creative Writing - Poetry


Oklahoma State University, BA, 2019


Areas of Interest & Expertise
  • Poetry

  • Feminist Poetics

  • Poetics of Mental Illness

Selected Publications


  • “How To Deal After A Disturbingly Idyllic Breakup,” eMerge Magazine, 2021

  • “You came to life, slowly,” eMerge Magazine, 2021

  • “grief is gray and amber, fossilized suicide,” Royal Rose Magazine, 2020

  • “Angels drink Busch from hand-painted flowered china,” Royal Rose Magazine, 2020

  • “Bildungsroman,” Royal Rose Magazine, 2020

  • “Human,” The Allegheny Review, 2019

  • “We Are But Windows,” Frontier Mosaic, 2017

  • “Taste,” Frontier Mosaic, 2017


  • The Dairy Hollow Echo: An Anthology of Selected Works from eMerge, the Online Magazine of the Writers’ Colony at Dairy Hollow. S. Dogwood Books, 2021


    • “A College Student’s Fight With Mental Illness,” The Odyssey Online, 2017


    • Grothe, Brianne. “Yeah! Chat With Poet Brianne Grothe.” Yeah! English—International Student Magazine. 2020.

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