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Jeff Menne

Professor, Department Head

Associate Editor, JCMS (formerly Cinema Journal)
Address: 311A Morrill
Message: 405-744-9474


PhD, Vanderbilt University

Areas of Interest & Expertise
  • US and Latin American Cinema

  • Experimental Media

  • Critical Theory 

Selected Publications



  • "Hitchcock's Closed Systems," Post45, Issue 6, Midcentury Design Cultues, 2021

  • "The Counterculture Squared: Albert Brooks's SNL," ReFocus: The Films of Albert Brooks, ed. Christian Long (Edinburgh UP, 2021)

  • "The Last Qualitative Scientist: Hollis Frampton and the Digital Arts Lab," In the Studio, ed. Brian Jacobson (Univ. of California Press, 2020)

  • "Post-Ferguson Hollywood," Jump Cut, No. 57 Fall 2016.

  • "Argo Direct Yourself: Ben Affleck and Movie-Made Politics," Post45, Contemporaries, June 2016.

  • "The Cinema of Defection: Auteur Theory and Institutional Life," Representations 114, Spring 2011.

  • "'I Live in This World, Too': Octavia Butler and the State of Realism" Modern Fiction Studies 57.4, Winter 2011.

  • "A Mexican Nouvelle Vague: The Logic of New Waves under Globalization," Cinema Journal 47.1, Fall 2007.

  • "Alive in the Net," co-authored with Jay Clayton, The Palgrave Handbook of Posthumanism in Film and Television (Forthcoming, 2015)

  • "Critical Realist in Naïve New York," Review essay of Siegfried Kracauer's American Writings, ed. Johannes von Moltke and Kristy Rawson, Postmodern Culture 24.2, 2015.

Current Research

I am preparing a monograph, The Avant-Garde University, concerned with the relationship between the postwar university and avant-garde artists. The study tracks an emerging fascination with the term "media" in this period, conceived both as something autonomous (one could be a media artist) and as something endlessly expansive (light bulbs could be called a medium, according to Marshall McLuhan). The case studies include Rutgers University and Fluxus, SUNY Buffalo and digital arts, University of Utah and computer graphics, Rice University and Roberto Rossellini, Mills College and the SF Tape Music Center, UCLA and the L.A. Rebellion, and the history of CalArts from Walt Disney to James Benning.

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