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What is Cowboy Concurrent?

Oklahoma State University now offers online concurrent courses to high school students through Cowboy Concurrent Online. Get a jump start on your college education and earn general education credits at a reduced cost.


Where you live is no longer a limitation! Concurrent enrollment has often been limited to students who live nearby and have time to drive to a community college or university. Cowboy Concurrent courses are offered online to give students all over the state and beyond access to concurrent enrollment.



Reduced Rates

Oklahoma seniors eligible for concurrent enrollment will not incur out-of-pocket costs for course tuition and fees. Eligible seniors receive a tuition waiver from the state and a scholarship from the OSU Foundation to cover fees. There is a one-time application fee required for admission to OSU.


Oklahoma juniors receive a reduced rate of $775 per course to take a Cowboy Concurrent Online course. Out-of-state high school students will pay $300 per credit hour, or $900 for a 3-credit hour course.


 The reduced rates apply to the Cowboy Concurrent Online classes only. Some courses require textbooks and exam proctoring, which comes at additional costs to the student.


Courses Available Spring 2022

Course Course Name Sections  
ENGL 1113
Composition I 31174, 31175, 31176, 31177
Textbook Required
ENGL 1213
Composition II 31178, 31179, 31180, 31181, 31182, 31183, 31184
Textbook Required
HIST 1493
American History Since 1865 (DH) 31185, 31186
Online text fee required
MATH 1513 College Algebra (A)  31187 Textbook Required
MC 1143
Media in a Diverse Society (DS)  31188 Free Textbook
POLS 1113
American Government  31189, 31190
Textbook Required
PSYC 1113
Introductory Psychology (S)  31191 Text/Proctor Fee Required
SOC 1113 Introductory Sociology (S) 31192 Textbook Required
SPCH 2713 Introduction to Speech Communication (S) 31193 Free Textbook
TH 2413           
Introduction to Staged Entertainment (H) 31194 Free Textbook







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