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As part of the land-grant mission, Oklahoma State University is committed to making education accessible and affordable to the people of Oklahoma and beyond. Our new Cowboy Concurrent Online program provides high-quality, general education courses for high school students to receive both high school and college credit from anywhere in the state! Please consider recommending Cowboy Concurrent Online Courses for students!


Student taking an online course

Benefits of Cowboy

Concurrent Online



Oklahoma seniors eligible for concurrent enrollment will not incur out of pocket costs. Eligible seniors receive a tuition waiver from the state and a scholarship from the OSU Foundation to cover fees. Oklahoma high school juniors pay a reduced rate of only $775 per course. Out-of-state students are also eligible to take Cowboy Concurrent Online courses at a reduced rate of $900 per course.*



Where students live is no longer a limitation. Cowboy Concurrent courses are offered online to give students all over the state the opportunity to get a jump start on their college education.


We recommend that high schools provide students taking Cowboy Concurrent Online courses a classroom or quiet place on their campus to take the online course during the school day.



Cowboy Concurrent Online is launching with 6 general education courses that will apply to virtually every degree program at OSU and will transfer to most institutions. Courses offered:

  • English Composition I
  • American History
  • College Algebra
  • American Government
  • Introductory Psychology
  • Media in a Diverse Society



OSU has hand-picked top faculty to develop high-quality, interesting and effective courses for dual credit to ensure high school students get an exceptional and enriching online learning experience and smooth transition into higher ed. The class sizes will be limited to ensure that students receive individualized attention and effective instruction.


Resources for Counselors

  1. Continuing concurrent students must submit an updated Concurrent Applicant Form, which is the last page of the Concurrent Application for Admission for each semester they plan to study concurrently at OSU.
  2. Send official scores from ACT and SAT when you take the test by including OSU's official code of 3424 for ACT and 6546 for SAT. We also accept test scores reported on official high school transcripts.
  3. College Algebra requirements: Math ACT score of 24 or higher, or a proctored math placement test score (ALEKS) of 40 or higher.
  4. If you have a concurrent student who is interested in a certain degree program, please visit the OSU Academic Catalog for a list of degree sheets and requirements.
  5. We would love to come visit your high school or speak with you about the opportunities for your students at Oklahoma State. Please contact
  6. Frequently Asked Questions
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