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201 Life Science East 

Name Position  Phone Extension
Garbutt, Keith Interim Dean x5663
Thomas, Cynthia Executive Administrative Assistant x8704
Borunda, Mario Associate Dean | Senior Inclusion Officer x7920
Doust, Andrew Associate Dean | Academic Programs x5663
Knapp, Camelia Associate Dean | Research x5663
Lewis, Bobbi Kay Associate Dean | Outreach x5647
Leffingwell, Thad Interim Associate Dean | Faculty Support
Assistant Dean | Facilities
Martindale, Amy Assistant Dean | Student Academic Services  x5658
Moffat, Wes Manager | Facility Services x8075
Scanlan, Lori Administrative Assistant x7978
Wackler, Diane Administrative Support Specialist x5666
206 Conference Room   x8485

Business Office 

202 Life Science East 

Main Office 405-744-5654

Name  Title  Phone Extension
Austell, Cecilia Administrative Assistant x5655
Burch, Tina Training Coordinator x3701
Dalton, Amanda Sr. Accounting Specialist x3702
Garrett, Angela Sr. Accounting Specialist x8455
Leach, Alisha Sr. Accounting Specialist x8453
Lovelace, Autumn Administrative Support Specialist II x5654
Muhammad, Melissa Administrative Assistant x8451
Reedy, Teresa Coordinator of CAS Business Office x5656
Rothenay, Jennifer Spclt. Admin. Ops. x3336
Tefertiller, Reneé Director of Fiscal Affairs x8707
Fax   405-744-3285

Career Services 

213 Life Science East 

Name  Title  Phone Extension
Talbert, Kandice Career Coordinator x5658
Teicheira, Victoria Career Coordinator/CAS Mentor Program x8527

Communications and Marketing

010 Classroom Building

Name  Title  Phone Extension
Gosney, Elizabeth Manager of Communications & Marketing x7497
Hines, Alisa Web Content Creator x6155
Mattix, Keith Multimedia Producer x4226
Mintmire, Catherine Multimedia Producer x7015
Wallace, Jason Graphic Designer x4035
Weaver, Erin Communications Coordinator x6031

Foundation Officers 

400 S. Monroe 

Name  Title  Phone 
Berry, Burck Director of Development 405-612-4132
Colburn, Nick Director of Development 405-385-0706
Colley, Autumn Development Coordinator 405-385-5139
Eubanks, Cara Associate Director of Development 405-385-0705
Ketchum, Laura Director of Development, Team Lead 918-421-1761
Killingsworth, Karissa Constituent Relations Associate 405-385-0966
Fax   405-385-0735

Human Resources 

401 GAB

Name  Title  Phone Extension
Townsend, Erica HR Consultant                                       x6894


213 Life Science East 

Main Office 405-744-5658

Name Position Phone Extension
Adams, Becky Communications Specialist—Recruiter x9590
Barnes, Caitlin Director x9009
Blalock, Elijah Program Specialist x6974
Burch, Sharon Admin Support Contributor x5652
Fox, Nichole Instructional Designer x6798
Gutierrez, Karla Prospective Student Coordinator x9641
Hass, Brenda Fiscal Operations Coordinator x5647 
Howerton, Kimberly Event Coordinator x8459
Knight, Lindsey Instructional Designer x7471
Lewis, Bobbi Kay Associate Dean x5647
Mauslein, Holly Program Coordinator x5658
Muzik, Angel Instructional Designer x5626
O'Mealey, Shane Program Manager x8462
Rodriguez, Olivia Communications Specialist—Recruiter x6032
Sneed, Angie Program Coordinator x6989
Fax   x6992
Toll Free   888-824-5147

Research Support Services

202 Life Science East 

Main Office 405-744-6683

Name Title  Phone Extension
Anderson, Erik Sponsored Programs Specialist II x47977
Eaton, Rachael Program Manager for Student Research x48456
Janus, Allan Sponsored Programs Coordinator x47301
Moffat, Timi Sponsored Programs Specialist II x47976
Parli, Shawn Sponsored Programs Specialist I x47982
Plummer. Steven  Sponsored Programs Specialists I x48456
Sperry, Lisa Grant Coordinator x8452
Tallent, Emilie Grants and Contracts Specialist x8458
Fax   405-744-3285

Student Services 

213 Life Science East 

Main Office 405-744-5658

Name  Title  Phone Extension 
Brandon, Jeannie Senior Administrative Support Specialist x5658
Brun, Cara Senior Academic Advisor I x5658
Hamman, Caleb Academic Advisor II x5658
Justice, Caitlin Shelton Senior Academic Advisor I x5658
Martindale, Amy Assistant Dean of Student Academic Services  x5658
Mehan, Sandra Graduate Certification Specialist x5658
Rose, Shawn Assistant Director of Student Services x5658 
Valentine, Anthony Senior Academic Advisor II  x5658
Williams, Nina Academic Advisor II x5658
Willis, Courtney Senior Academic Advisor I x5658
Fax   405-744-3152

Technical Services 

001 Life Science East 

Main Office 405-744-6844

Name Title  Phone Extension
Aguilera, Anthony Computer Specialist I x6844
Brinker, Susan Administrative Support Specialist x6844
Earp, Norma IT Manager x4919
Hartson, Susan Sr. Computer Specialist II x6844
Price, Cheryl IT Supervisor/Lab Coordinator x6844
Scott, Daniel Senior System Administrator  x4917
Stemple, Laura Accounting Specialist x0414
Stoutzenberger, Aaron Computer Specialist II x6844

Web Services 

003 Life Science East 

Name  Title Phone Extension
Jones, Gary IT Web Manager  x2918
Morgan, Mark System Administrator x2484
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