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GIS Certificate

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is an interdisciplinary technology with close theoretical and applied ties to the academic subject of geography. The GIS Certificate program is open to any student currently enrolled as an undergraduate at OSU. Students who intend to earn the GIS certificate must work with their primary academic advisors to make a formal declaration on pursuing the certificate program. For people who are only interested in earning the GIS certificate but not currently enrolled at OSU, they can apply through the Undergraduate Admissions at OSU and get admission as a special student for the purpose of pursuing the GIS Certificate.




The GIS Certificate is a 15 credit hour program that provides students with broad exposure to the principles and applications of GIS. GIS is useful to every discipline which utilizes geographic data, and the requirements for the certificate have been designed to parallel skills needed by GIS professionals

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Core Courses -- Choose any 3 courses (9 hours total) from the following:

  • GEOG 4203 -- Fundamentals of GIS
  • GEOG 4343/5323 -- Resource Management GIS
  • GEOG 4353 -- Socioeconomic GIS
  • GEOG 5343 -- Advanced GIS -- Resource Management Applications
  • GEOG 5353 -- Advanced GIS -- Socioeconomic Applications

Elective Courses -- Choose any 1 course from each of the following two categories (6 hours total):

Category I -- Spatial Analysis/GIS Programming:

  • GEOG 3333 -- Spatial Analysis
  • GEOG 4383 --  Introduction to GIS Programming
  • GEOG 5303 -- Geographical Analysis I

Category II -- Spatial Data Collection, Management, and Representation:

  • GEOG 4263 -- Geospatial Applications of UAS
  • GEOG 4303 --  Applications of GPS in Field Research
  • GEOG 4313 --  Field Techniques and Geodata Collection
  • GEOG 4323 -- Mapping in Modern Society
  • GEOG 4333 --  Remote Sensing
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